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Things To Do in Ritu

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听足音Pangongcuo is located on the side of National Highway 219 in Ritu County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, close to the Kashmir area on the China-India border, with a total area of 604 square kilometers, of which my country is 413 square kilometers. Pangong Co is the longest lake in China. It is about 155 kilometers from east to west, about 15 kilometers at the widest point from north to south, and only 50 meters at its narrowest point. The lake has an average elevation of 4241 meters and a maximum water depth of 41.3 meters. It is a beautiful plateau lake. It has always been a longing place for explorers. The famous plateau bird island is in the lake. From May to September every year, Bird Island becomes the best bird watching tourist spot in Tibet, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists and bird lovers to watch. In mid-July, I traveled around Tibet to Pangong Co. I arrived at the lake at about 17 o'clock. First, I saw the wetlands, the lush water and grass, there were cattle, sheep and horses eating food, the water birds took off and swooped, and there were ruggedness not far away. The mountains are beautiful and natural, which is amazing for the good fortune of nature. In the evening and at sunset, Pangong Tso is more beautiful, but due to the unsatisfactory parking location, it is very hard to park three places, up and down, to fight the dense mosquitoes. Fortunately, the scenery is not well-received, the setting sun will cage the blue lake and the high and low mountains of the lake a golden color, in a trance, there is a feeling of warm early autumn...
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wbclawyerJieshan Daban is a relatively well-known mountain pass on the Xin-Tibet line. It is located at the saddle of Xiluokezong Mountain and Eastern Luokezong Mountain, a branch of the Karakoram Mountains. The Daban Pass of Jieshan Mountain is also the starting point of a three-way intersection along the southern edge of Kunlun Mountain and crossing the uninhabited area of Qiangtang. The ancient Tubo road that enters and exits the Western Regions from the Ali Plateau into Puru Village, Yutian County, Tarim Basin through the Keliya Pass is also the starting point. Everyone, whether traveling by car or cycling, took pictures and clocked in.
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格格巴On this border bird island, Bangong Lake is the westernmost lake in China, with an average elevation of 4,217 meters. The lake has a boundary and separate jurisdiction from India, but it is different from fresh water and salt water. The most amazing thing is that the Pangong Lake here is a paradise where birds thrive, and flocks of gulls, birds and ducks inhabit here, making it a beautiful and unique scenery. You can drive directly into the Bangong Lake Resort. The scenic area has rows of holiday mahogany houses on the lake, and blue plastic pontoons on the lake for tourists to feed and watch gulls and birds play.
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滇国剑客The rare plateau wetland is because of the "kidney" endowed by nature to the plateau, that makes the plateau present so many songs of life and the plateau has so many three-dimensional pictures of activities.
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滇国剑客The existence of this wetland park has brought moist air to this magical Syracuse plateau, and has also spawned various green species on the thirsty land, dressing up the plateau scenery and enhancing the charm of the plateau scenic spot.
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City Park
格格巴We were lucky to be able to visit this dark night park of our own before we arrived in the town of Alishi Quanhe. Because "dark night park" is not a name, but an approval, only the atmosphere permeability, the clear rate, night sky quality and the visual valence of basic indicators are qualified position, can be recognized as a "dark night park" by the International Association of dark night. So it is hard to imagine finding a place that can be recognized as a night park in a country that is developing rapidly in industry and economy.