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Things To Do in Rongcheng

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圣吉米尼亚诺伊尹Baiyangdian is a lake of the branch water system of Henan Province in the Haihe River Basin. It is a general term for 143 interrelated large and small lakes at the junction of Baoding City and Luzhou City. The total area is 366 square kilometers and the average annual water storage is 13.2 billion cubic meters. It is the largest lake in Hebei Province. The fan margin of the eiding gawa River and Suruga alluvial fan in front of the Taihang mountains is located on the ground, and the large rivers such as the waterfall river, the Tang River, the water river, and the Suruga river enter the lake from the north, West and south 3 sides, and enter the daikiyokawa through the flood gate and the overflow in the northeast of the lake. Baiyangdian lake area was affected by the lake topography, climate change and human production. The history of the lake was shrinking and expanding. The - early 21st century was reduced by a large margin in the latter part of the 20th century. The lake area was dried up in the 1980s and the heavy rain in 1988 restored the lake area.
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Water Park
爱玩客😍[interest] a lot, here can be lost in the big place, suitable for young people and children to play, take the old people to go to hot springs, many days are difficult to play, you can live for a day, recommend to play here
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Hot Springs Resort
M24***96The traffic is very convenient. It starts from the Liuli Bridge in Beijing and it's only less than two hours away. Very comfortable experience, very clean, there are many indoor and outdoor pools, I am very happy, I hope to go in the future.
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_We***24The wave pool is the most popular place in the water amusement park. From the trickling waves to the huge waves hitting the shore, it brings you a comfortable feeling of the whole sea, such as family and friends enjoying the beautiful journey in the waves on the floating circle. The stage of the wave pool presents a variety of wonderful performances for visitors, allowing visitors to experience exotic performances up close in the cool water
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E54***56A great place to spend a day with the whole family. They have a safari ride on a truck, when the visitors can see and feed tigers and bears. Although on the weekend there are very many people and it's hard to get there by car because of the traffic. Kids can enjoy the baby animal kindergarten there.
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默然去哪玩Every year, early or mid-July is the best, the lotus is open, go into the parking lot and suggest to do the shuttle bus a few minutes, walk to the Grand View Garden Pier is a bit far faster than ten minutes, the location of the ticket is the location of the pier, and you can see the lotus along the way. It is hotter. You can buy a hat on the way. If you go by yourself, it is usually a small boat. If you go with the group, it is a big boat. You will arrive in about half an hour. There are restaurants in the scenic spot. You don't have to worry about not eating. After arriving in the scenic spot, it is also recommended to do the shuttle bus. I remember that it is 40. First look at the scenery around the island, and finally under the Grand View Garden, there are many and many lotus flowers inside. I don't know how many colors and varieties of lotus can be. It's really long. In addition, there is a water park inside, pay attention to wet bodies.