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Things To Do in Rongjiang

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yylatpkuSanbao Yao Village is located in the north of Lujiang County, about ten minutes drive, very close, very convenient transportation. There is a parking lot at the entrance of the Guozhai Village, but there are about 30 parking spaces at present, and the reception capacity is limited. Yaozhai does not need tickets, it is a free attraction. One of the highlights of the Yaozhai is the drum tower of Sanbao, which is located behind the entrance gate and is very spectacular. Behind the drum tower is a large square, the end of the square is a maple tree, the age of the trees should be more than 100 years. Behind the birch trees is the Duliu River, the riverside scenery is very beautiful, and the opposite side of the mountain formed a landscape painting. Sanbao Yaozhai is more primitive ecology, basically no commercial development, can be a purer feeling of the Yaozhai place. If you have enough time, you can take an hour or two to wander around the village.
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Historical Architecture
pan***heDali Yaozhai, a small village in southern Hunan, is quiet and clean. At the end of the storm bridge, there is a 100-year-old courtyard, the house is very old, a woman who looks older is picking up the grade. Along the axis of the courtyard, there is a reed farm, and the Satan is in the middle of the reed farm. Finally saw the real scene of Satan, which is my main purpose to come to Dali. In fact, Satan is a stone piled similar to the tomb, next to the drum tower, new.
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Ancient Settlement
klandyIt's very nice. It's beautiful, especially the night view and the sun just came out in the morning.
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D20***23The Bameng Water Village is a dying village. Many people have not lived there. The village is declining. Compared with those villages with singing and dancing and showing ethnic customs, it seems more real here. Don't come if you want to see the beautiful scenery. If you want to understand the impact of ethnic minority lifestyles and culture, it is worth seeing.
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善了哉的The data shows that there are about 18 ethnic minorities living in Guizhou Province, and the Miao nationality is one of the larger ethnic groups, so the trip to Miao Village with the characteristics of ethnic groups is the focus of Guizhou trip. Kesha Miaozhai, known as the last Chinese gunners tribe, still has a musket, razor-shattered head, worship ancient trees folk customs. Although it is not entirely farmed and hunted to meet the needs of life, the folk culture inherited for thousands of years is a valuable wealth for the Chinese nation. The life of the village is peaceful and quiet, has not been affected by the outside influence, hope that such a day can continue to pass on, let the future generations also feel its national customs of the beauty!
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累到痛2022It is the first time to book a ticket on Ctrip and it is a successful group ticket. The public welfare blind date and friendship activities organized by everyone have achieved very good results. In the activities of making friends and making friends, there are seven pairs of intentions, which really printed the "Seven" of Qixi Festival. Everyone had a great time and made many new friends.