Playas de Rosarito Municipality
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Things To Do in Rosarito

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_GG***43The statue is amazing and the Aircraft carrier is a definte great sight.
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E27***44If you can, go on a weekday rather than a weekend as its definitely busy. get the all day dining pass if you’re staying the whole day as food can get pricey. look into getting those refillable tumblers, not only do you get drinks the whole day, you also have a cute tumbler to take home
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Modern Architecture
coo***anI loved the long sandy beach ideal for horse back riding and drinking the margaritas you buy from the different bars there.
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西溪老翁The Colorado Peninsula and the city of San Diego are connected by a huge bridge that is 3.5 kilometers long. The blue sky, the blue sea, and the green grass complement each other, and it is simply a beautiful picture. It is said that the protagonist of the story "Love the beauty but not the country", the famous love story between Prince Edward of the United Kingdom and Mrs. Simpson of the United States took place here. The greatest wealth on the island is the historic Colorado Hotel, which has attracted countless rich and famous people since it opened in 1887. This hotel has also been used as the backdrop for many famous movies. In addition, the west side of Colorado Island faces the Pacific Ocean and has excellent beaches, which are the best beaches for swimming and surfing. The harbor facing the mainland is a dock for a large number of yachts, the center of the island is a large number of high-end luxury villas, and the northern end of the island is a large US military base.
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chenweiwenSantiago - the Coronado Bridge is located on the West Coast of the United States and the city of Santiago near the Mexican border at the southern end of California. The bridge spans Santiago Bay and connects Santiago City and Colorado Island, 2.12 miles long. Main 75 passes over the bridge, intersection of San Diego with Interstate 5. The 200-foot clearance in the middle of the bridge is enough for the tallest ships to pass. The Coronado Bridge is tall and narrow, and the railings are not high. Driving on the bridge gives you both a spectacular view of the bay and a little thrill of driving up the bridge. The Coronado Bridge is clearly visible in the distance. Coronado Island is an island in San Diego Bay, and is connected to the mainland by this bridge. Coronado Island is a U. S. Navy base, and the Pacific Fleet Headquarters, the United States Navy Third Fleet Command and the Pacific Fleet's main commands are located there.
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Ancient Settlement
chenweiwenThe largest metropolitan cultural park in the United States, and one of the oldest public amusement facilities in the United States, has held various large-scale exhibitions and exhibitions. The architecture is mostly Spanish colonial, and it is also a great mix of other architectural styles, such as Byzantine and Baroque, with its complex decoration and exquisite detail. Each museum has a rich collection, covering a wide range of deep, almost intricate, difficult to choose from. Botanical gardens and open-air concert halls, but also reflect the human in the architectural art and garden culture in the highest pursuit of excellence. Gabaya Park is a famous cultural park in San Diego, with no entrance fee. There are San Diego Zoo, Natural Museum, San Diego Art Museum and so on, and there is a small "Park of the World", China Pavilion is also one of the comprehensive parks. The gardens are home to ancient Spanish buildings, clock towers, gardens, fountains, grasslands, especially for hiking and cycling.