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Things To Do in Rostock

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sculptorWarnemünde is a small port town on the Baltic Sea in Germany. It is famous for its long waterfront. Warnemünde was once completely dependent on the fishing industry, but has now become a tourist town. Warnemunde’s beach is the widest beach on the German Baltic Sea coast, stretching for 3 kilometers.
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Historical Site
emi1021Remains of the ancient city gate, Gothic style spire tower gate
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Featured Neighborhood
TodemmyKruplin Street can be regarded as a main street in Copenhagen. There are many shops and cafes. It has a good atmosphere. The Nordic Dispersion is a very good experience here. There are no people, good service and friendly people.
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M32***23Rostock Museum of Culture and History is a very special museum ~ overall a good feeling, very recommended, there are many illustrated introductions, as well as an appointment guide, the overall viewing experience is good!
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M32***23a charming holiday place!there is a beautiful port, great restaurants and many things to look at. It is a real seaside resort with niche small hotels, greatshops and a lot of entertainment!
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Historical Site
天边的海999The most notable is a fountain in front of the church. It was built in 1131 by the priests of Saint Augustine, and it has the status of a national pantheon because the first two kings of Portugal were buried here. The facade is very beautiful. You don't need a ticket to enter the church hall. You need a ticket to enter the main altar to see the exquisite pulpit. From the right side of the main altar, there is a small door. Push the door to enter the ticket office. The room at the ticket office is gorgeous, with beautiful mosaic patterns, and the hangings are all fine products, which are worth seeing in themselves. After purchasing the ticket, you can go to the pulpit and take pictures at will, and you can go to the second floor and inner courtyard of the church. It is worth it and highly recommended!