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Things To Do in Sakaiminato

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Featured Neighborhood
_CF***65There is only Mizuki Shigeru Avenue to stroll around in Sakaiminato. It is very quiet and the ground is clean. The people here are very hospitable. There are monster statues everywhere here, one every 20 to 30 meters. There are many grocery stores here. Whether it is food or accessories, it is a street with local characteristics.
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Entertainment Center
coo***an[Scenery] ゲゲゲの Monster Lakuen is located near Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall, beside the seaside alley of Mizuki Shigeru Road. Familiar character dolls such as Kitaro, Neko Musume, and Mouse Man stand in front of a monster house in a square like a children’s paradise. There is a big skeleton in front of the building, which is very eye-catching. The fragrance of the Showa period is not great, but there are souvenirs of characters and 500 yen lottery tickets.
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Observation Deck
ShareeThe wooden frame of the tower is very special. It was built as a symbol of the Japan Expo held in Tottori Province in 1997. It is the lowest tower in Japan with a height of 43 meters, but since there are no high places around it, you can see from the beach to the mountains.
Nearby City
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国安是冠军No1There is a bus from Songjiang Station, which takes about 25 minutes. The first picture is the station where you got off the train. Walk for about 5-10 minutes to Yuzhien. Discount for foreigners. The garden is not big, but very delicate. When leaving, there is a bus to Songjiang City at the gate. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bus from Songjiang Station to Yuzhi Garden in the morning, and take a bus at the gate to Songjiang City after the tour.
Nearby City
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137***66[Scenery] It connects Sakaiminato City in Tottori Prefecture and Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture. PC5 spans a continuous hinged ramen box girder bridge. Since it is famous for its mini-car ads, I want to go there and try to drive a rental car. When I get to Songjiang, I also recommend using engine braking. [Fun] On the Songjiang side, there is a convenience store with a large parking lot (a family market/a bridge that also sells bridges and souvenirs), so it is fun to look at the bridge while buying souvenirs.
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137***66[Scenery] Kitaro will welcome you at the entrance of Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall. [Fun] There are many photography spots, so people passing by can enjoy it, and those who like Mr. Mizuki's work will find it more interesting!