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Things To Do in Sanhe

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蓝色D鱼I think it is more suitable for children over 5 years old. I can understand some space knowledge. Game equipment can also play (many are more than 110 can play), of course, it is also a good place for small children to experience space earlier. The air-conditioned feet are also cool [Naughty] in the space. Please see the distribution map, when we went there were fewer people, clockwise, there were more places to play, most of the time to play down my children's favorite, 1 fort crisis, dismantle the bomb within the specified time, played 7 [cavities]; 2 Jupiter training base, has a certain challenge; 3 Star mission, flying spaceship, killing the enemy, mainly video game [Fangfang] noon in the Galaxy restaurant eat, 40 yuan a package, not all, really poor, can only say fill the stomach bar. Ps: Before going, you must contact if you can enter normally. We asked for a vaccine to enter.
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139***13Youpan Mountain, along the mountain road by the Xiangxia, all the way up, in the east of the Tiancheng Temple Gate of the stone bench, there is a lying cloud building. lying cloud building two floors six, painting, high ridges, built a spectacular. Every day rainy, the common white clouds in the valley, or hidden building, or through the building, will lie in the cloud hidden in the mist, very interesting, like a fairyland, the name of the building is also the same. In the opposite of the hill, there is a small stage site. It is the place where Emperor Qianlong took a rest and visited the palace.
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猪宝宝0908Bibo Island is especially worth going, the Western Room, the green grass, the flowers, the good place to take pictures, a bit like the Swiss lake, because the rush time did not turn seriously, but the first glance really raised the eyes, ready to go again. You can buy the tickets for the Jinhai Lake Yachts online for 115 yuan to go to the island, or you can drive from the Luohan Shicun, which costs 228 yuan per person. If you live on the island, you can enter one room for free.
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Hot Springs Resort
悟空吃西瓜Now the epidemic! There are not a few open in Beijing. This one is still open... until 6 pm. It is good. It is still a good choice to bring children. However, the facilities are old. There are too many people. And there is no air conditioning. Super hot!
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
HoooooHuge area and beautiful architectures. I recommend the place. you definitely should visit there when you are in Beijing. You’ll need to reserve a ticket in advance.
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木槿要努力变强Beijing Pinggu Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area I went to play before July 24, 2021. The specific ticket fees and the adjustment of scenic spot projects are subject to the actual situation. The following guides are for reference only! First of all, let me tell you about the ticket problem that is the most important issue. 1. There is a large parking lot at the door. The self-driving travel companion does not have to worry about the parking space. The price is 10 yuan per time. It is 10 yuan for stopping once, no matter how long you park. 2. Summarize the difference between online tickets and on-site tickets. (1) Online ticket purchase Tickets + UFO Glass Viewing Platform + Ropeway round trip: 258 yuan Tickets + UFO Glass Viewing Platform + Cableway one way: 192 yuan Web ticket purchase is 2 hours before use, it is recommended that you buy in advance before departure. (2) Ticket purchase on site Tickets + UFO Glass Viewing Platform + Ropeway round trip: 270 yuan Tickets + UFO Glass Viewing Platform + Cableway one way: 208 yuan Tickets are 68 yuan, cableway is 100 yuan. So in summary, online ticket purchase is cheaper, it is recommended that everyone buy a package, because since come, they will look at, play, in the future, when it comes. Secondly, tell you about the route of the tour. If you want to exercise, you can buy a one-way cableway to climb the mountain, it is really very tired; you can also buy a two-way cableway, you can enjoy the scenery and experience the fun of mountain climbing, not so tired. The recommended route is after the entrance ticket is checked, it will pass the Ruyiyuan cableway. It is recommended that you not go to the cableway, because the scenery is really good in the front. Walk to the left side of the Ruyiyuan cableway. You will reach the Qicai Pool on foot and then continue to walk. You will arrive at the Longwangshan cableway. Everyone can choose the cableway to go up the mountain. You can also choose to hike up the mountain (cableway up the mountain for 10 minutes; hike up the mountain for 90 minutes, it is more difficult and tired, you can choose to exercise). After climbing the cableway, you can reach the top of the mountain by a further distance, that is, the UFO glass observation deck. You can choose to take the cableway directly to the bottom of the mountain. There are many children and adults can play the entertainment project, fun and exciting, everyone can choose as appropriate. If everyone comes in the morning, whether it is to do the ropeway or climb the mountain, basically the afternoon will be finished. If there is enough time, everyone can choose to go to the Lihuagou leisure town to play the mountain bottom car, fun and exciting, driving from Shilin Gorge is about 9 minutes, parking at the door is casual and not expensive. Cost: On-site ticket purchase and online ticket purchase price is the same, it is recommended that you buy tickets on-site, there are two kinds of tickets: 1. Play one mountain block + shuttle bus 100 yuan; 2. Play two mountain block + shuttle bus (you can also take two) 149 yuan. Finally, I wish you all a good time, summer, whether men and women must do well in sunscreen, or you will really regret.