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Things To Do in Sanmenxia

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Ancient Settlement
60岁极省自由行Come to Sanmenxia, must go to see the pit yard. Baidu map Gaode map gave several paths from Sanmenxia city to Shaanzhou pit yard. Tell me about my actual walk. Gaode map now marks the Sanmenxia station to the pit yard tourist line, the locals say that there is no longer. Now there is a direct bus from Sanmenxia City to the pit yard scenic area ~Sightseeing No. 2. But this car is very difficult to wait, we waited for a long time at the hospital of Chinese medicine station, no car, and then through the 12345 mayor hotline, inquired about the bus company phone, the answer is, this direct to the pit in the sightseeing 2 bus, only one car running in the whole section, so the interval is very long. Local people teased that the car was very nerve [wailing]. . But we re-find the route. Take the 108 bus 2 yuan to the Huading Hotel in Gaoyang Mountain, Shaanzhou. Then you can turn 105, 2 yuan, to the Shaanzhou Dikengyuan. . But we arrived here at 12 noon, the next shift 105 was 14: 00 from the departure. . 4 km mountain climb path, we simply walked. It took 100 minutes. . The return trip we took the 105 in the scenic spot at 16: 30, and turned 108 back to the city center of Sanmenxia. The 108 route is operated at a 6-minute interval and is very convenient. The transfer ticket price is the same as the sightseeing No. 2 car that is very difficult to encounter, and it is 4 yuan. .
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M23***74The scenery is not bad, but mainly should be rafting, tickets are not expensive. I was very happy, but a farmer outside the scenic spot is called Yuxi Mountain Villa. Cooking is super bad, dumpling soup is not hot, mushroom fried meat is fat meat and skin, the boss's attitude is not very good, it is not recommended to go to this home to eat.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
刘小黄黄Personally think that the price is very high, this season to go to the comfort and pleasant. The entire scenic spot is like a big park, there are not many people. The scenic spot is mainly Laozi. Personally, I feel that I can focus on the content of Hanguguan itself. It takes 40 to 60mins to travel in the scenic spot and take the scenic car. It is recommended.
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Hot Springs Resort
点子1980Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a lot of people. Living in the nearby resort Zhongzhou Huading Hotel, it is very convenient to go to hot springs. The overall environment is good, the service is also in place, special thanks to the waiter in the hot spring area, Ms. Wang Xia, the child is not careful with the knee bruises, Ms. Wang Xia is patient and timely to help the child deal with the wound, and send the popcorn comfort, really warm heart!
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世界美食游走达人[Check in] The Yellow River Danxia Natural Scenic Area is a shining pearl in the Yellow River Basin, with beautiful scenery and more history and culture, really good! Good scenery, better people! ! ​[Like]
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PrincessttThere are swans and there are quite a few swans, so I said the natural environment is good, so it attracts the swans, this wetland park, and it gives a sense of amazement