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正义的力量Sometimes, the place to study is much more important than the content to study. I am really enegized by the sunshine.
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TodemmyI grew up in the Santa Clara Valley, and we came here a few times as a kid. As an adult, though, I swing through here every time I come to the Bay Area. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Most recently, I attended a wedding here. It was small but so intimate, so gorgeous. I bet the photos will be fantastic! Of course, those of us guests did a few photo shoots ourselves. This place is a must-see, especially if you're even the littlest bit stressed.
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Modern Architecture
雨田A day trip with friends in Silicon Valley, half a day of Apple headquarters, half a day of Google headquarters, was brought in by friends who worked at Apple and friends who worked at Google by swiping cards to visit the site. The environmental styles of the two companies are obviously very different. They are both modern buildings. Apple is compact and simple and pure white, and Google is open and colorful. They are all high-tech and efficient jobs. Apple employees seem nervous and focused, while Google employees seem relaxed and happy. In the 6 buildings of Apple headquarters, only the first floor of Building 4 is equivalent to the visitor center where you can take pictures. It is empty with only two photos of Jobs and a warning from him. You can take pictures in all places of Google. In the visitor center The two hanging photos are photos of all the early Google employees traveling. The different cultures of the two companies are obvious. Photos 1-6 are of Apple headquarters. The sixth of them was taken next to the reception desk in Building 1. It looks like an Apple trophy cabinet. The receptionist stopped me as soon as I finished taking it, saying that this hall is not allowed. Take pictures, but the pictures are still preserved. Photos 7-8 are group photos of Google employees in the visitor center of Google headquarters, and are placed here for comparison.
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SukiA cute mansion indeed. But nothing like what you can see in Europe. Couldn''t explore the place by yourself have to follow the tour.
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RubylanlanI can be considered a person who has been to Google! Although it's not a Google fan, why is there a sense of excitement inexplicably == To When I came the night before, I happened to encounter some activities nearby, and I couldn't watch it because it was so dark. The next day I didn't die and I just came back when I had time. Tiangong is beautiful, especially suitable for playing! To The office building is closed on Saturday, and you can’t get in without a friend. There is a parking space at the door of the company, and you can drive inside. There is no clear gate like in China, and there is a more casual park. To The bicycle is not locked, so you can ride and play when you see it parked. Tourists often go to the Android Villain Plaza to take some lovely photos~ all kinds of photos~
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Observation Deck
chenweiwenHoover was the 31st president of the United States and an early graduate of Stanford. In 1919, he donated $50,000 to set up the Hoover Research Center. The Hoover Tower was built during the 50th anniversary of Stanford and became part of the center, named after Hoover. The Hoover Center is one of the most influential centers in the United States, focusing on social, political, economic change and peace advocacy in the world. Hoover Tower is free for its teachers and students and friends, and charges a small fee for visitors. On the ground floor is a life profile and history of Hoover. Take the elevator to the top floor where you can get a full view of the entire Stanford campus.