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Things To Do in Shannan

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碉堡的九哥⛳ Yang Zhuoyincuo Xian Tibetan is the meaning of Biyu Lake, the holy lake of Sanya, Tibet, and the most visited place, because Lilasa is the latest. Knock on the blackboard: It is recommended not to go to the Yanghu with the group day trip, because the day trip knows the observation deck and goes back. You must drive yourself. You can drive to the lake and turn to the lake to see the real Yanghu. You can play the essence 🚗 Traffic: Drive by yourself, Lhasa to the Yanghu 100 kilometers, it takes about 2 and a half hours. The first half is high speed, the second half is Panshan Road, the speed limit is 30, so drive slowly, don't overspeed, safety first. There are many Panshan Roads, it is recommended that the old driver drive. Directly navigate to Yangzhuoyucuo Observation Deck, in the navigation day care temple 💰 Tickets: The key point is coming, after arriving at the Viewing Taitai, don't get off, don't get off, get off here will charge 60 yuan for the ticket, continue to drive to the second Viewing Deck on the right hand side, no charge, the scenery is also beautiful. Continue to drive down to the lake to take a photo on the lake, close to the lake, the whole lake from the time to look down, the lake is very calm, actually there are big waves to the lake. We also picnicked at the lakeside (remember to take the garbage away, leaving only footprints, taking only photos) then the essence of driving to Yanghu, driving around the lake, navigating day care temple, this road is the biggest challenge of driving across the road, 20 kilometers of Gobi Beach Road, Luckily you can see Tibetan antelope and various wildlife. This way you can drive your car around the lake and feel your body in hell and soul in heaven. This time because of the body of your friend on the car, you did not go to the day care temple, and finally navigate directly back to Lhasa and do not go back. ❗❗Note: Come to Yanghu must drive yourself, bring a drone, you can become the most squat in the circle of friends in the 2 scenic spots do not have a place to eat, bring your own dry grain 3 Yanghu sea level more than 4,000, the movement is smaller, avoid high anti-4 lake side wind, no matter what season must wear thick clothes, It is best to wear a windbreaker and 5 days to temple has become a red dot. When you come, you must go and see it. In short, Tibet is not in Lhasa, Tibet is on the road.
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西单大叔Sanye Temple has been a temple that has been built by the master of cloud peanuts for over 1,000 years. It took 12 years to complete. It was the first monastery in Tibet with monks of filial piety. Sanye is a word of surprise in Tibetan, because the Tibetan King marveled at the power of the master. In the middle is the main hall, there are four dozen not around and four towers, are all accessible, if you look at each, at least a full day.
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格格巴There is no direct bus from Lhasa to Ramlacuo. If you want to take your own car to Ramlacuo, you first have to reach Gacha County, and the Zedang Town Passenger Station sends a bus to Gacha County every 8 o'clock. Then take a shuttle bus from Gacha County to Lujiu Township, 15km after passing the Jonggo Jie Temple. So it is still recommended to charter, carpool or group. After the vehicle arrives at La Ramlacuo parking lot, it is necessary to hike up the steps to the observation deck, the altitude is 5300 meters, the air is thin, walk a few steps to stop and rest, to avoid high reverse. Once you reach the top, you can see Ramla Mio and do not disturb the faithful around you.
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lyn0919Continue to move forward, we are crossing the hill pass, at this moment let me think of the sky road, standing on the hill, a dragon over the mountains, is a magical sky road. Gambala Mountain is located between Langkazi County and Gongga County in the southern part of Tibet. Gambala Pass is 4990 meters above sea level. It is very close to the top of the mountain. In addition to the beauty of the road, there are also adventures. There are many sections of the road with cliffs on one side and mountains on the other. It is very scary.
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新-云Have you seen the "sea" on the plateau? Pmotso, 5010 meters above sea level, the original appearance of the land. Pmotso is located in Tibet Autonomous Region, the southern region of the border between Loza County and Langkazi County, is a salt water lake between the Himalayas.
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dodoThe first of the three temples in Shannan District, now open until 6 pm in summer, tickets for 35 yuan, no ID card is required. Most of the temples are not allowed to take pictures, the first and second floors can be provided with lights, but at present can only accept cash, friends who are going to support suggest that they prepare cash before coming, for the lights 50/100 have, brush 500. The second floor of the pearl Guanyin is like the treasure of the Zhensi Temple, and there are diamonds, gems, turquoise and other decorations, very rare, very worth a visit, but don't take pictures!