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Things To Do in Shaodong

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129 Reviews
City Park
_CF***78I live in Green Spring next to the park. I don’t have to take a walk in the park for a month. However, I live next to the park. The environment is good, the wind is very windy, and the air is fresh. Many people take a walk, and many people bring children to the park during holidays. As the only park in Shaodong, I would like to give it a thumbs up!
8 Reviews
Ancient Villages
M11***27The junction of Xinyi and Xiangdong, quaint 20-30 years ago, is now a matter of life and death, the old street of the two ends of the bridge, greenstone road wooden house no longer exists, turned into cement road and unplanned self-built house, the government neglect and inaction, unfortunately! The only bridge that is well preserved is this one, which is a short walk away
12 Reviews
陆亦琛gmBasically, I took some photos in the free attractions outside. Overall it is good, but there are a lot of paid items inside. I didn't go to play. If I want to go, I don't mind spending money. It's OK. There are rainbow slides, rafting, Dinosaur Valley, etc. Some of the better photos are the rusty iron tower, the lake, the willow trail, the ferris wheel, the turf, and an orange iron wall (I feel pretty good )
7 Reviews
nini ofZijiang originates from the resource county of Guangxi, has the same origin with Lishui, and is famous for its "Qing". It is a place worth visiting! I’m buying some human products by yourself. It’s pure men and you don’t know you have them.
16 Reviews
邵东朝辉The place where you don’t need money to play, the price/performance ratio is definitely super good. The key is the location of the government office building. The greenery is good. It is good to take a walk and walk around. The parking is convenient. The key is free. Most people I don’t tell him.
8 Reviews
_Man_The scenery in my hometown is good~ I have to go play with my friends once every year when I return to my hometown! I will bring friends from other places to play with me in the future, haha! Of course, I have to bring my girlfriend and my family to play together~

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Shao Dong Xiang Tianyan Meixidong ResortShaoyang,China

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Shaodongjiubei Ecology FarmShaoyang,China

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Shehu MountainShaoyang,China

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He Jinsheng Ancestral HallShaoyang,China

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Shaodong Xinghe SquareShaoyang,China

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Shaodong Travel Tips

About Shaodong

Shaodong has rich tourism resources and many famous scenic spots, including the Shaoyang Houcheng Site, one of the best preserved Han dynasty sites in the province, which is steeped in historical significance. There is also the Yinjiatang - an ancient residential complex from the time of the Ming dynasty. Other attractions worth seeing include Dayun Mountain (once home to the Tang dynasty scholar Shen Taizhi), Shehu Mountain, the magnificent Jiulong Ridge, the Pengshantang Ancient Residence, and the Hong Bridge, which make up Shaodong's unique tourism landscape.

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Shaodong Weather

Oct 27, 2021
14 ~ 19
Oct 28, 2021
14 / 19
Oct 29, 2021
Moderate Rain
12 / 16
Oct 30, 2021
13 / 19
Oct 31, 2021
Light Rain
14 / 17
Nov 1, 2021
Light Rain
14 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shaodong
Oct 27, 2021 Shaodong Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 53%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:40/17:54
Shaodong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Shaodong, including: Zhaoyang Park,Hunan Zhongpin Water Park,CAI's Former Residence
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