She County
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Things To Do in She County

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Ancient Settlement
Capt.Dell_A380Huīzhōu Ancient City now is a district in southeastern China, located in Huangshan City .The southernmost region of Anhui Province long before 1987 administrative division.
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老吴华哥The archway group of Guocun is one of the most famous scenic spots in Tongzi County. It is a family monument erected by Hui Shang family in more than 400 years. Seven archways are arranged according to "loyalty and loyalty", each one has a moving story of emotional interweaving, which is spectacular. There are three temples beside the archway group, the Bao's branch temple is in the middle, the two sides are Shixuan and put the seat of the women please temple. In the county of Gifu can take the No. 2 bus, the end is the archway group.
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老吴华哥Xin'anjiang Landscape Gallery Scenic Area is located in Shendu Town, Shexian County, with a total length of about 100 miles. The scenic area is famous for its unique Huizhou culture and natural scenery, and the combination of ancient villages. The ecological environment on both sides shows "high mountain forest, zhongshan tea, low mountain fruit, water fish" three-dimensional ecological pattern, the ancient residence of Hui school in the green mountains and water, known as "Oriental Danube River" called the Xin'an River, passing through. Every year, the scenery is different, like a flowing landscape gallery.
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chaojileYangchan Village is a mountain-based mountain village, the house is mainly earth buildings. Each row, row after row, the whole earth building group has a kind of villager's beauty, reflecting the unique painting, artistic conception, majestic beauty, momentum beauty. The shilou group is based on the mountain, the position of the thousand appearances, the rational layout, the staggered, embodies the people and nature merge into one, has the strong mountain folk residential building characteristics.
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Historical Architecture
老吴华哥Baojia Garden was originally a private garden for Qianlong, famous Hui merchants and Salt Fa General Bao Qiyun during Jiaqing. It is currently the largest private garden and bonsai viewing place in China. It is located in the edge of the Xiangpaifang group, with the Hui school bonsai as the theme, and at the same time, it is a collection of the essence of bonsai of various schools at home and abroad. The garden and arch group is one stop away, about 20 minutes walk, although the park is not small, but can see very little, few tourists.
Nearby City
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
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