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225 Reviews
M44***99[Fun] Great. My children and I can't swim. The water was very big that day (raining a few days ago), the scenic spot arranged for a escort small brother and I to float together. We each had a small boat. I don't know how to change direction, how to avoid shoals and rocks, just drifting with the waves. We ran aground five times, stuck in a crack in the rock, and couldn't move. I had to climb slowly on the wet and slippery stone next to it, wait for the escort brother to help us to the boat in the water, the boat can be set to the floating position, and then go to the boat, the most difficult, ice is not what, mainly water is urgent, underwater stone too slippery, the station is difficult to wade to walk? My slippers were washed away (should wear sports sandals), the little brother helped me to pick up back. Just on board, a rushing waves, son did not know to hold the handrail, immediately washed away, I quickly grasp a foot... so, the difficulty in the adventures contained the joy of overcoming difficulties. When tourists meet, they give us a thumbs-up. I never fear anything. But thanks to the escort brother, finally asked his name, Yang Weichen, Yang Dongchen? I have a bad memory, only remember that he said that the minister's ministers! I said that I would give five points of praise, let the leaders praise him! He helped us to steer the boat and deal with how many dangerous situations all the way... A great experience, a ticket for 100 yuan for the Dragon Boat Scenic Area, met the staff to invite friends to barbecue, the little brother also invited me to eat watermelon 🍉 [view] is great!
141 Reviews
睡恣@M丶In the winding Yuntai Mountain, the strange stones stand, dangerous. But the most attractive, is the mountain water. Water is the Yuntai Mountain's eyebrow, the whole Yuntai Mountain also because of the water and the appearance of the Lingxiu beautiful.
16 Reviews
marvelyIt is said that Wuyang River leaves the most beautiful section to Xiawuyang, but it is actually located in Shangwuyang, Shibing, and the scenery is just as beautiful. We made the car to Shibing, and the time for the car to reach the Shangwuyang scenic spot was exactly noon. The boatmen dropped the lunch they had just finished, and took the two of us on the boat to start a tour of Shangwuyang. You can only take a cruise to visit Shangwuyang. It is a chartered boat tour. Of course, it is more cost-effective to share a large number of people. However, Shangwuyang is not so famous. The day we arrived was a rainy day, so we could only have two people in a boat. The misty rain shrouded the cliffs on both sides of Wuyang River with a white fog barrier, which brought a hint of wonderland. The cliffs on both sides of the strait are not high, almost a mountain top is a landscape. The boatman who shook the scull told us about the 27 scenic spots in Shangwuyang, but his accent was a bit heavy, and some small stories related to the scenic spots could not be understood. The most impressive thing is the scenic spot "Taigong Fishing". You can see it from a distance. The rock standing on the edge of the cliff really looks like an old man, and the rock below it is probably the Diaoyutai. Got it.
4 Reviews
哈哈岛张易之Shanshan River is located in the lofty mountains of Shibing County, Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Its annual water flow is 4.2 cubic meters per second. It is known as the "mineral spring river" because of its pure water quality and self-drifting without risk.
4 Reviews
Geological Sites
铖—依Very ok,,, have been many times,,, the scenery is lovely,, the lotus flower along the way is so beautiful to me
3 Reviews
古言新语"A Comment on Shibing Foding Mountain" Shibing County, Foding Mountain, 60 miles away from the county seat. Drive to Zijingguan, walk to Lu Ping. Look up, towering into the clouds. The top three counties, Tiangong praise. Cross Maxi, climb the Yuan, climb the trail, to Dingshan, Lujiawu, and enjoy Foshan>The valley is deep, the trees cover the sky, the trees are whirling, everything is safe. Orchid fragrance, only birds are happy. Leaving the mortal world, without distracting thoughts, living for one month, you can become a Buddha. Live for two months and become a half immortal.

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Wuyanghe River Scenic ResortQiandongnan,China

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Sun CaveQiandongnan,China

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Foding MountainQiandongnan,China

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Yuntai MountainQiandongnan,China

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Shanmu RiverQiandongnan,China

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ShiBingXian ChengZhen GuiHua JianShe ZhanTingQiandongnan,China

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