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Things To Do in Shicheng

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228 Reviews
Geological Sites
哈哈Shicheng Tongtianzhai, the scenic spot is not big, the essence of the attractions are concentrated in the north gate, from the south gate to the meeting to take a long road, climb many steps. The source of life here, Yin and Yang relative, the sky and the earth set, the unique, natural creation is always very magical, in Danxia scenic spot, often see similar features, such as Guanzhang Mountain, Danxia Mountain, turtle peak, Longhu Mountain... The most magical is the tortoise rock landscape, the first time in Danxia landform see, The tortoises of Dalian Golden Stone Beach are very similar, but the cause is not the same. The uplifted red rocks of different sizes, according to certain laws and order, like the tortoise shell crack pattern, constantly impact your vision. The orange flag is a tall, magnificent flag that stretches over the peaks
129 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
恒恒旅行There are too few bath towels, except for the locker room, there are no dry towels, no hot ginger tea to drink, not even hot water, only cold ice water, too chilling
31 Reviews
Flower Fields
M43***13I just went today, feel good! The scenery is very good, after all, it is near Tongtianzhai. I played for two hours in a water park. It's very hot today, so I always want to stay in the water, hahaha! Enough fun, go on the land, the scenery is good, there are many kinds of small animals, just heard that there are peacocks, but did not see, may not go shopping thoroughly! In short, it is very good, the price is very high, the children like it, they are very happy. As long as you have fun, it is a good place to go! (Ps: Tickets are cheaper on site than online)
36 Reviews
莞邑虎岭Overall great, I went last year and sometimes the trip was just a release of the mood, like a fish that was underwater, feeling bored before the thunderstorm arrived and eager to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
40 Reviews
弦惜熠It's a very exciting experience, with 1 set of clothes. If you choose kayak rafting, women should change beach pants and tops similar to swimming suit fabrics before rafting, and men should wear beach pants. Of course, it’s better to wear swimwear. It is best not to bring electronic devices such as mobile phones. If you must bring them, prepare a sealed waterproof bag. Kayaking rafting will definitely make you soaked all over, and each drop will fill the kayak with water, which is a big drop. It's just a bit shorter.
2 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
滇国剑客This pedestrian street does have the characteristics of the southern country scenery. The antique buildings and granite paving ground can play a non-slip effect no matter what the weather is, so that tourists who appreciate the scenery will feel a sense of weight when stepping on it.

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Sai Shicheng Flower ParkGanzhou,China

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Shicheng TongtianzhaiGanzhou,China

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Yunhaige Xiyu CenterGanzhou,China

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Baguanao Scenic AreaGanzhou,China

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Shicheng MuseumGanzhou,China

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XingLong BuXingJieGanzhou,China

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Shicheng Weather

Oct 21, 2021
Light Rain
10 ~ 17
Oct 22, 2021
11 / 14
Oct 23, 2021
Light Rain
13 / 13
Oct 24, 2021
12 / 18
Oct 25, 2021
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Oct 26, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shicheng
Oct 21, 2021 Shicheng Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 96%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/17:42
Shicheng Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Shicheng, including: Shicheng Tongtianzhai,Jiuzhai Hot Spring Resort,Sai Shicheng Flower Park
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