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Things To Do in Shilin

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Geological Sites
Alicia E MA very unique natural wonder. You can get a bus to the site from East Coach station. It takes about an hour and 15 mins to get there. The park had a big main loop with many side trails for exploring the stones. We spent about 2 1/2 hours walking there.
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M48***03Personally, I think it is a good place to walk. It takes two days to play in each pavilion. The aquarium and the ice and snow pavilion are more popular. To see the performance time of each pavilion, you can't miss it. The most pit is the aquarium, which takes free photos with tickets. Go to the door to take a photo is 30 yuan a, the snacks in the park is expensive, mineral water is 3 yuan a bottle.
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Hot Springs Resort
宠爱CKThe environment is very good and makes people linger! The children were having fun, the only downside was that there were too few types of food. The old man could only order instant noodles in the end, but this beautiful environment will go again next time
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Geological Sites
swl***rdGo to the Stone Forest Scenic Area. The altitude rose by one thousand meters, to 1600 meters, the temperature dropped by ten degrees, to 26℃, and went through the Stone Forest in the breeze. Stone forest is very large, the regular tour group is generally big stone forest, small stone forest and then walk, we half way from the tour group piled up from the big stone forest to plum orangery, still interesting, but quiet, the whole journey only our family, became a exclusive scenic spot. Stone forest is still good, can take out more than half a day to go around carefully.
Nearby City
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MaxSJuixiang 九乡, one of the most interesting places in Yunnan province. Must visit, if you are in Kunming. We got there by bus joining the tourist group. The Juixiang comprises big territory located in canyon and carst land. It contains several scenic areas, each one is very interesting to be explored. The journey was amazing!
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_GG***08i went there at night.. cz i was travelling all day long... all though i could not capture it well... but the place was really good and when the shadow of moon reflects on the water it gives a romantic feelings... a good place for chilling