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Things To Do in Shimukappu

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Outdoor skiing
E32***73Apart from the train ride to Tomamu which was confusing. THINK i got down at Shintoku, thats one station after Tomamu station. Suggest travellers getting there by train figure that out. The hotel was grand, room was clean. Check out Unkai terrace very early morning, they’ve got onsen, fireworks during summer.
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City | ​​landmark
乐吃购When it comes to Furano, the "Tomita Farm" is one of the keys to the park! Especially when you come to Furano in July, you must go! You can smell the fragrance of lavender as soon as you step into the park, so that you can feel calm. The lavender sea of lavender is elegant, and there are various flowers against it, beautiful. Come here and remember to order "milk ice cream Hami melon" to eat! Hokkaido two famous things combined dessert, refreshing not greasy you must eat!
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乐吃购This is the work of Tadao Ando, a master architect in Japan, or is he always in the style of using exposed concrete materials in large quantities, with simple geometry, smooth and clean walls, and no decoration, but the interior space is rich in variations. It has an unexpected effect, and the cross design of that light reminds one of his other works of the Church of Light. In short, I like the work of Tadao Ando's not to be missed.
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_FB***38a very good place for city people who has rare touches to natural things, also very good for families with kids, very organized, no entrance fees, beautiful flowers, many lavender related products and experiences, the city is quiet and not so crowded during late August
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Featured Neighborhood
sophiaOn the day I arrived at the Fairy Terrace, there was a lot of snow, the kind that could fill my hat in an instant. This is a relatively independent attraction. It is said that it was a scene created for filming in the past. It really looks like a fairy tale world. It feels like there should be little people living in the cabin. In fact, there are shops in the cabin. When the sky gets dark, it is the most beautiful time here. I regretted the chartered car with a tour group. This is the last stop of the itinerary. Because the journey is relatively long, the tour time arranged by the travel agency is very tight. Half an hour includes the time to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom is still a bit far away and there is a queue, so Basically, it came out after taking some photos after turning around. If you have time, I recommend you come by car and take photos and drink coffee here. Just don't miss the time of the shuttle bus. The traffic here is not very convenient. Missing the shuttle bus is more troublesome.
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Hot Air Balloon
齐步走123I am afraid of heights and don’t dare to ride in a hot air balloon, but it’s already a pleasant surprise to see the sea of flowers in Furano. The colorful sea of flowers is quite spectacular, like a huge oil painting on the ground.