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Things To Do in Shixing

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Geological Sites
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
D25***54Sunrise is the most amazing sight at the top of Mount Danxia.Along the climb, there are breathe catching views of the mountain, naturally stunning.
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Geological Sites
哈尔苏姆贺知章The scenery is good, and there are too few attractions, only cable cars, small trains, and horse riding. It is more suitable to take the children to get close to nature or climb the mountain through the small partner national road to reach the core area of the scenic spot. It is a 6-kilometer village road. The winding mountain roads are generally in general conditions, and the signposts are slightly insufficient.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Ornamental Hot spring
109***00Today just arrived, the weather is not good, soaking in the hot springs is just right! The town is very far, and it will take an hour to drive at the high speed, but the scenery is good. It is walking in a green mountain forest. The hot springs are good, there are many choices, the service is average.
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Featured Neighborhood
睡恣@M丶Zhuji Ancient Lane has a history of more than 1000 years, is the transit station of many ancient Zhongyuan clans to Lingnan. The lane is more than 1500 meters long, has accepted more than 180 clans. They have flourished here, built a beautiful home, and then moved away from home to the Pearl River Delta and all over the world, thus creating the splendor of China's southern migration history, and also the Nanxiong today's fame and far-reaching surname culture.
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Boat Tour
齐哗哗啊In the Jinjiang River Cruise Base in the Danxia Mountain Scenic Area in Guangdong --- "Water Danxia"! This is an important tourist attraction of Danxia Mountain in Guangdong. There are mantras such as "a river runs through Danxia", "climbing a mountain does not swim in the river, but in vain to Danxia Mountain", which are widely spread among the people.
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Hot Springs Resort
GnakaThe location is rather partial. This hot spring has been open for many years, but the facilities are not old at all. It is estimated that it has been refurbished. The room is very satisfactory. There are standard rooms and a separate pool. The price is good. It is suitable for bringing female tickets or friends and family to play.