Shizuoka Prefecture
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mascktIt’s fun. I went to Tokyo in November last year. Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shizuoka, then transfer to JR at Shizuoka Station to Shimizu Station. Go left at the Shimizu Station exit, and there is a free shuttle bus to the parking lot. (This shuttle bus goes to S-Pulse Dream Plaza. The Little Maruko Paradise is on the third floor of the shopping mall), I have a standard ball powder, although the Little Maruko Paradise is not very big, I have been shopping in it for a long time. , Bought some small balls around, if you are also a ball powder, this place can not be missed
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lingliziThere is a famous natural scenic spot in Shizuoka, Japan-Miho no Matsubara. Miho Peninsula is located in Shimizu District, Shizuoka City. The total length of the white sand green pine is more than seven kilometers, which is very spectacular. When we arrived, it was cloudy and light rain. There are no tourists. If the weather is good, you can overlook the Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji. Walk along the boardwalk, through the pine forest, you can reach the seaside and see the black sand beach. You can't go to the sea when you come here in winter. I took a photo and left. Attractions open for free all day, very good.
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一只开不了口的喵Kinosaki Coast It seems to be the coast formed by the eruption of Omuroyama volcano 4000 years ago. About 6 kilometers away from Omuro Mountain, there are various forms of lava on the shore, which is rugged and uneven. Remember not to wear high heels here, or you can't move. The suspension bridge across Giawan is 48 meters long and 23 meters high. It will sway when you walk on it. Everyone is not afraid of heights. You have a good time on the suspension bridge. In the evening when the waves are relatively big, you can watch the stormy waves hitting the shore from the suspension bridge up close, which is very spectacular. The beauty is like a sketch from life. Listening to the sound of the waves and the breeze, the body and mind are relaxed.
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zwx2021Lake Hamana is the tenth largest lake in Japan and is located in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The eel in Lake Hamana is very famous in Japan, so I define it as "Yangcheng Lake" in Japan, and its status is the same as that of hairy crabs in China. The view of Lake Hamana is good, especially the view of the lake under the sunset sun.
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Cable Car
黛西501It's the kind of hollowed-out cable car, wear more at the end, the wind on the mountain is quite strong. You can see the Ito Peninsula and the sea. Although it is not high, the scenery is great. It is highly recommended. Tickets are reserved to go to the cactus zoo next to it and can be discounted.

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Kadowakitsuri BridgeShizuoka,Japan

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Sunpu CastleShizuoka,Japan

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Tesshuji TempleShizuoka,Japan

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Oya Kuzure, Collapsed Mountain SideShizuoka,Japan

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Karaoke ApiaShizuoka,Japan

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Hara FarmShizuoka,Japan

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Shizuoka Travel Tips

About Shizuoka

When it comes to Japan, you can't help but mention Mount Fuji. In Shizuoka, which stretches over the foothills of Mount Fuji, you can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji everywhere. Shizuoka City blossoms all year round, plum, camellia, rhododendron, willow, cosmos, chrysanthemum and so on. You can't miss the beautiful scenery of the cherry blossoms in the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji, and the places where you can see cherry blossoms in Shizuoka City are everywhere, including Junfu Park, Thief Mountain Park, and Qingshui Ship Crossing Park. There are many municipal hot spring baths in the city. When you feel tired, don't enjoy the hot spring bath!

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Shizuoka Weather

Oct 23, 2021
Mostly Clear
13 ~ 19
Oct 24, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
13 / 18
Oct 25, 2021
13 / 19
Oct 26, 2021
14 / 21
Oct 27, 2021
18 / 24
Oct 28, 2021
16 / 22
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shizuoka
Oct 23, 2021 Shizuoka Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 56%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:59/17:03
Shizuoka Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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