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你看到的我是蓝色的Very good, I have forgotten the evaluation. Children like it more, and it is a good place to go on weekends. Just doing activities, it is still more affordable. There are a lot of performances in it, in addition to fish in the underwater world, there are some land animals.
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Art District
lingliziShouguang Vegetable High-tech Demonstration Park, located in Shouguang Luocheng, Weifang City, is large in scale, excellent in location, convenient in transportation, every spring, Shouguang Vegetable Expo is held, various high-tech cultivation techniques can be displayed here, there is a large vegetable market, wholesale and retail vegetables 🥬, Price concessions, large quantities can be negotiated, courier.
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开心皓洁The Linhai Ecological Expo Park is located in the northern town of Shouguang. It is a natural tourist attraction built by the forest farm. There are children’s playgrounds, fishing gardens, and picking gardens in the scenic area. It is spring now, and it is the spring season. The flowers are open, come here, the air is fresh, very suitable for a weekend holiday
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转角遇到爱520Judian Lake once located in the northwestern part of Shouguang City, Shandong Province, east of Guangrao County, located in Weifang, Dongying two local cities at the junction. Now the area of Judian Lake is reduced to the area of the lake area 2.5 million mu every year. The remaining lake is mainly located in Shouguang. It is the largest natural wetland in Weifang. The only natural lake in Shouguang City is also the most primitive place for Shouguang's natural appearance. In the history of Lake Judian, it is also called Luding Lake and Jiyo Lake, and it was called Qingqiu koji or Shimizu moor.
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lingliziIt is Shouguang National Water Conservancy Scenic Area. Along the banks of the Mihe River, the government greens the area, forming a natural scenic area with a wide water surface and beautiful scenery. It is a good place for citizens to come here for leisure, vacation ⛱️, parent-child, practice, entertainment, fishing, and free opening. Every year, the scenery is different.
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wbclawyerAfter going to Shouguang to see the exhibition hall of the Food Expo, go to the Shouguang Museum to enjoy the different scenery and learn about the history and culture of Shouguang. This area is not large, but it also displays the local unearthed pottery and other cultural relics of the Dawenkou period. It is more interesting to stroll around and savor carefully. The museum is free to visit with your ID card.

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Shouguang MuseumWeifang,China

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Quanfuyuan Amusement ParkWeifang,China

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Judianhu- ZooWeifang,China

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Nongsheng ParkWeifang,China

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Shouguang Concert HallWeifang,China

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Wetland Botanical GardenWeifang,China

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Shouguang Travel Tips

About Shouguang

Located in north-central Shandong on the southwest coast of Laizhou Bay (the southern arm of the Bohai Sea), Shouguang is an important producer of vegetables and salt for China. Shouguang has a long history and plenty of tourism attractions, including the archaeological remains of the Beixin, Dawenkou, and Longshan cultures. It is said that the pictographs that were the earliest ancestors of Chinese characters emerged here. Here, you will also find the 4A attractions of the Shouguang Linhai (“Forest Ocean”) Ecology Expo Park, the Ecological and Agricultural Sightseeing Park, and the High-Tech Vegetable Demonstration Garden.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shouguang
Oct 21, 2021 Shouguang Weather: Hazy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 54%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/17:22
Shouguang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Shouguang, including: Shouguang Jidi Haiyang World,Shouguang Vegetable Hi-Tech Demonstration Park,Shouguang Forest Ecological Expo Park
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