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Art Museum
TA用户Between visiting the wonderful art museums stop here and chill out for a bit with a coffee /snack on the floor ... fabulous peaceful and well worth it .
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vivienvivienThe movie "24 の" (1954 edition) reprint film village; "8th day" part of the scene location. Such beautiful scenery, long ago was the hot filming place of film and television. If I say the classic movie "24" is too old, then you know that two hot Japanese shows in recent years, that is "8th Day"
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vivienvivienLocated in the northeast of Takamatsu City, the east end of the Bizen Islands is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea after Awaji Island. The surrounding area is about 126 kilometers, the climate is warm, like the Mediterranean Sea, very suitable for ferns cultivation, known as the birthplace of olive trees in Japan.
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City Park
多啦丘丘If you have to make a parent-child tour in the Seto Inland Sea, Xiaodou Island is the most suitable island in the Shikoku Seto Inland Sea, the origin of olive cultivation in Japan. The island's "Xiaodou Island Olive Park" allows visitors to experience olive planting history and taste olive oil. Whether it's just sightseeing or relaxing experience, it's all right. 🌟 Highlight Feature: Xiaodou Island's first attraction, natural is the windmill facing the sea in olive park. After all, you can shoot the Miyazaki witch house is the same type. You see that we are three jumping so neatly behind the back of the three you can't see. There is always a person who is dragging her down and punishing her to sweep the floor 🧹🚉 Traffic Raiders: Takamatsu to the boat is also the most small bean island, although called bean, but the area is much larger. There are three ports: Tuzhuang, Ikeda, Grasswall, each port has a bus to take, the shift is not really much, do not expect to hike, unless you want to walk broken leg May already very sun, really for August people to worry
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宫主爱By the way, this canal similar to the drainage ditch in the photo is actually called the "strait". It is the narrowest natural strait in the world that can be tested, and it is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Shodoshima is divided into one by it. two. The scenery we are seeing now is artificial. The two sides of the strait are similar to the promenade along the river that is common in the city. It is a suitable place for residents to take a walk after dinner. Rows of arc-shaped steel pipes are erected at both ends of the strait, standing in the bridge, giving the feeling of a steel pipe tunnel. When I came here in the evening, I saw a cloud of clouds dyed red by the setting sun.
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Dofuchi StraitShozu,Japan

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