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Things To Do in Shuangliao

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滇国剑客The northeast is fertile, and forest parks can be found everywhere. Yimashu Forest Park has formed a very influential scenery here with its unique natural advantages and rich thickness of forest resources.
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没有美丽的爱情-我有美丽的风景The official residence of Wu Junsheng, the governor of Heilongjiang Province in the Republic of China. It was built in the Qing Dynasty architectural style. When I went there, it was under repair. It is white. It looks very old. I will go again when I have a chance.
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mopyfish611Today I finally walked into the Shuangliao City Library. Today is the time for business to open, so I can walk in and take a look. The time I went last time was inappropriate and I had a closed door. The library is not big, but it is very clean and tidy, quiet, like a library.
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滇国剑客Although it is called a desert park, this place is sung by popular songs. Is it a desert of love? Because the desert is full of scenery of various shapes, it makes people look hard to see.
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等风来仪Spring in the north is always late, about a month later than the river in the south of the Yangtze River. But as long as it comes, spring will brighten and bloom without limit. For a circular bird every year, there is a clear blue water in the northern river lake, it is they seek the spring to find the beautiful life home.
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