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42 Reviews
小沐她爸It takes 2 hours to drive from Baoding city to here on weekends. Although the mountain roads are not wide, the roads are well repaired. There are not many people who come on weekends. There is no large-scale meeting or congestion. There are 50 tickets for the scenic spot and 39 e-tickets. One hour in advance, parking is 5 yuan, there are several parking lots, there are plenty of parking spaces, there are many parking spaces available at 11 am, and the Red Leaf Festival has just opened, Jingmei, There are not many people, the air is really awesome compared to the urban area, and it succeeded in hiding from the haze! The altitude difference between the bottom of the mountain and the top of the mountain is nearly 300 meters. Slowly strolling around 6.5 kilometers, 3 hours, moderate amount of exercise, I walked slowly with the baby, and occasionally walked with the baby, refreshed after coming down!
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yjw2000Yiqi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Shunping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. In 2004, it became the first batch of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Sites". The scenic area covers an area of 17.5 square kilometers, 3 soil (sandstone) parking lots, one mountain gate, two viewing platforms (the North Terrace and the West Terrace are located in Hougezhuang Village and Zhanggezhuang Village respectively), 2000 steps of climbing steps, 13.6 kilometers of Huahuahuan Line , Complete hydropower facilities and convenient transportation. Every year on the sixteenth and seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunar calendar, merchants, literati and poosers, come from all directions to find their roots and worship their ancestors and experience the profound connotation of Yao culture. In the mid-spring season, it is an ideal place for tourists to go outing, admire flowers, and get close to nature. Among the eight scenic spots in Gushunping, "Xishan Qingxue", "Horse Peaks", "Spring Breeze in Spring" and "Red Leaves of Persimmon Forest" are concentrated. landscape.
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赵钱孙李的赵I went there during the Ching Ming holiday, and it was easy to walk on the road without traffic jams. It was a bit early, the trees on the mountain were still not green, only scattered peach blossoms, and there were basically no tourists. The air is very good and the lake is very clear.
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yjw2000The Great Buddha Guang Temple is located in Fenghuang Mountain, Shunping County, Baoding, founded in 2010 by Zhenguang Master Faxin. The temple is located in the north of Langya Mountain Yuhuang Temple, west of Gubei Hengshan, east of Baoding ancient city, Xiongan New District, south of Kangguan Ancient Town. East Jin Dynasty Daoan masters in this area has built a temple tower, lectures and disciples, known as the cradle of the Chineseization of Buddhism. Famous masters of the nebula have visited twice to open the demonstration. The Great Buddha Guang Temple is a pharmacist Daochang, for the imitation of Tang architectural style, simple atmosphere, solemn grand. The temples are both elegant in traditional gardens and green in the original ecology shared by the public. They are both important places for meditation experience and the promotion of Chinese culture, and also a scenic spot with a beautiful environment and a rich culture. The main hall is a hall of yakushiden, gokando, doan Shoin, congrongshan room, development history museum, art museum, kaiyama CHO, kamigata hall, and so on.
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M33***58I went last Sunday. Tickets are 30 and children are 15. Locals do not need tickets with their ID cards. Because it is during the flood season, the gate has been releasing water and the current is relatively large. For safety reasons, boating and other items are not allowed to play. The fishing nets and buckets bought for the children are useless. There are a lot of people fishing. The environment is good, and the lotus blossoms are pretty. The child likes to walk on the flickering suspension bridge. The road along the mountain was quite long and had insufficient physical strength to finish. There is plenty of time to play in a day.
2 Reviews
Botanical Garden
yjw2000Shunping County Xinglin Mountain Park is a rural forest park based on the concept of "inviting mountains into the city, inviting water into the city, inviting forests into the city", which is mainly based on agricultural leisure, ecological plucking and tourism. The park is located in the north side of the Shunping exit of Beijing Kunming Expressway, a thousand mu of red apricot planted. Spring here apricot flowers, autumn to apricot fragrance, the county's vast citizens and even Baoding around the tourists enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, green home warm, feel the harmony and unity of people and nature.

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Fenghuangshan Dafoguang TempleBaoding,China

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Huamulan Botanical GardenBaoding,China

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Baiyintuo Scenic AreaBaoding,China

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Fangtong SquareBaoding,China

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Nainai TempleBaoding,China

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Longtanhu Scenic AreaBaoding,China

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