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Things To Do in Songyang

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_We***73Fabulos and excited place ,full of colorful emotions .Worth to visit to feel new feelings and emotions .
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M31***19Good scenery, overall super awesome, fun, fun, cost-effective, very suitable for walking, the scenery is very good, the spring waterfall, the water quality is clear, but after all, there are more mosquitoes in the mountain, you need to do a good job of protection, also need to do a good strategy
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Tea Plantation
当地向导江南游子Songyang Damushan Cycling Tea Plantation is the largest cycling tea plantation in China and an excellent leisure sports tourism base in Zhejiang Province. The tea garden in the scenic spot covers an area of more than 80,000 acres, of which the core area is more than 3,000 acres. There are rolling hills in the area, dense reservoirs, full of tea fragrance, pleasant scenery, and cycling lanes running through it. There are 8.3 kilometers of leisure and fitness cycling loop and 7 kilometers of professional cycling track in the scenic spot. The infrastructure of the scenic spot is relatively complete, and it can provide tourists with mountain bike rental and battery sightseeing car tours. It is a tourist attraction integrating tea garden sightseeing, tea culture experience and sports and leisure.
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Ancient Pagoda
dwj-The Yanqing Temple Pagoda in Songyang County is 2 kilometers away from the county seat. The ancient pagoda has a tilt of more than 2 degrees, also known as the Leaning Tower of China. This thousand-year-old pagoda is a brick tower with six sides and seven floors at 38.32 meters. In 1988, maintenance based on the preservation of the original structure was carried out, and it is now preserved in its original flavor.
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嘻嘻小宝Lishui Guyi painting township 20 Guyi painting township scenery is not bad, like taking pictures can leave more time to slowly wander. Want to see the morning fog or live in the scenic B&B bar a river water two villages, early winter season is still like spring, the rare tourists in the ancient town of Jiangnan is the best place to leisurely stroll and eat and take pictures. An old village, a big river, beautiful scenery, but there are too many tourists, no mood.
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National Park
早春残雪From Wuyi County to Niutou Mountain, the scenery is beautiful and the scenic spots are gathered. There are Huatian Town, Wuyuan, Liuxiulong, Yanfu Temple, etc., the car dealership is about 40 minutes, passing Liucheng Town, driving about 20 minutes on the Panshan Road, then you arrive at the park entrance, tickets are 110 yuan, 100 yuan, Even if you stay in the hotel in the scenic area, you must buy tickets, and the scenic area needs to be checked twice. Entering the scenic area is Dream Hot Spring Hotel, Niujiao Mountain Villa, Bird's Nest three tourist hotels, there are beaches, rafting and other amusement areas nearby, you can conduct parent-child activities. Follow the mountain road and take about 20 minutes to the National Forest Park entrance. The whole scenic area goes up the mountain line, enjoy the mountain color, listen to the water at the foot of the stream, while the downhill line goes down the stream, mainly view the water, so the different line is set up to let the tourists have different feelings along the way, up the mountain about two hours, the way will pass the bathing fairy lake, life gate, a line sky, Golden cable bridge, observation platform and other attractions, the highest peak for the Tianshi Hall, downhill walkway is glass path, Qixi bridge and other attractions, and, the path is the winding stream water, from time to time in the fall formation of different forms of waterfalls, very spectacular. The scenic area is full of trees, the four seasons present different scenery, not lost as "Jiangnan Xiaojiuzhai", here to vacation, hot springs, beautiful scenery, mountain climbing, play rafting, always can meet your wishes.