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Ancient Settlement
Featured Neighborhood
E33***84Absolutely magical like something out of a fairy tale. Make sure to check it out at night also to see the lighting.
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Historical Site
邓荣利European style town, you deserve to have this European town is really super beautiful, the Chinese style is the European style, very beautiful, yellow pudding, white walls, plus the blue sky and blue sea, really like the sea of love, At the same time, the fairy tale of Grimm is very beautiful. If you also like European style, then you must go to this place to have a look. It happened to be summer when I went, so your summer is actually not very hot, but The sun is very big, so I suggest you bring sunglasses, because the sun there is really dazzling in this place, you can also rent a boat to go to the sea for parades, fishing at sea is also a very good choice, it is also very fun to choose a body here. Because the water here is particularly clear, you can see many coral reefs that are particularly beautiful when you go down. Taking pictures here is really super beautiful, like there are none in the Danish fairy tale. The food nearby is also very delicious, although I I am a Chinese, but I am accustomed to eating the food there. In the afternoon, drinking coffee quietly is also a good choice. This is a pleasant afternoon. Address: 4001, Old Stavanger, norway. Transportation: recommended by car tour.
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138***51Because Norway discovered oil in 1969, after 50 years of development, it has changed its state of poverty and became the richest country in the world! This museum mainly talks about the history of Norwegian oil discovery and development. Through the combination of pictures, objects, movies, and games, you can have a more intuitive understanding of oil development! It opens at 10 in winter and closes at 4 in the afternoon.
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Botanical Garden
依依来咯A gluttonous feast in a paradise Since 1965, this Stavanger has been working on the precarious island in this small town. Today, it has become a world-class garden facility with Norwegian characteristics. In the garden here, there are clusters of beautiful flowers and the stream, forming a beautiful and charming picture of heaven. We booked a dinner to Florog Fjaere during a business trip in Stavanger. This is the best part of our trip! First of all, you can take a nice and comfortable boat, although you can take pictures outdoors. There is a movie with English subtitles to introduce you to the island and how it became what it is today. When you arrive, you will immediately see beautiful flowers and trees everywhere. There are only 6 people in our team. The tour guide introduced us to the history of Flor og Fjaere and showed us the different parts of the garden. After watching the paradise-like beauty, we were greeted by a charming introduction by the chef. Then comes the theme: enter the lobby and enjoy our buffet, this is another top experience! The rest of the time is spent on ourselves. The round trip cruise is optional, because you can choose to stay until the last ferry, or choose the first ferry that suits you. We were taken to the waterside restaurant, where Chef Andre met us and told us about his dinner preparations. We were taken into the house and sat by the window, overlooking the garden and water. We start with delicious fish soup. Next, we were invited to Buffett’s restaurant, where we can taste all the dishes, including hake, halibut, Moroccan chicken, lamb and quinoa/floral side dishes. After the staple food, there are desserts. For our anniversary, he introduced a special plate with carrot cake, ice cream, chocolate pudding and fruit. Its interior is also full of chocolate and full of raspberry flavor. After eating dessert and coffee, we can stroll around the garden and watch the sunset from the beach. Tips: 1. Moroccan chicken and raspberry chocolate cake is especially recommended. 2. Please do not pick when visiting the garden.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼Miracle Rock (Kjeragbolten / Kjerag). A single trip to the 4.8-kilometer Miracle Rock requires climbing up, down, and over three hills. During this time, you need to climb up and down with chains, climb with hands and feet, wading, and stepping on snow. But what is even more tiring is to go down the mountain the same way, and all the pains of going up the mountain have to be repeated from the beginning.
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Historical Architecture
Churches and Cathedrals
乖小咪Stavanger Cathedral in Norway is an old church with a history of more than 800 years. The entire church is built of stones, which has obvious characteristics of medieval Northern Europe. The interior decoration of the church is very sacred and luxurious, and each statue is very vivid and absolutely exquisite religious artwork.

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Stavanger CathedralStavanger,Norway

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Stavanger NoorwegenStavanger,Norway

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Lervig AktiebryggeriStavanger,Norway

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Haland HagesenterStavanger,Norway

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Sep 21, 2021 Stavanger Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:18/19:41
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