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Things To Do in Suizhong

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Historical Site
MaxSGreat Wall is a Great Wall, so long, so tall! It is going through several Chinese provinces at the North. The Nine Gate Water Great Wall is good scenic spot and should be visited if you are interested in Great Wall. Have a good trip!
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m15***97Dongdaihe has a blue ocean, fine beach, people here are still very simple, generally come to live in the local homestay farmyard, packing, eating and living, the price is very high, the children play this is not tired, attach the boss contact information
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有态度的拍拍Zhianao Bay was the most abundant fishing port in the northeast, and Zhian Bay has the best beach in Liaoning. Here the sea is clean, the sand is shallow, is a natural beach bath, here is rich in seafood, let you enjoy a full meal. Surrounding the waves, watching the sun and moon is your leisure and recuperation, weekend vacation, relaxing yourself, breathing fresh air ideal place.
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Theme Park
非你不渴Find a place where you can relax. The clean place on the coast is suitable for a person to be dazed. The entertainment facilities on the beach are also mainly based on simple operation. It is suitable for travel without thinking.
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Ancient Pagoda
chaojileThe Suizhong Leaning Tower is located in Qianwei Town, Suizhong County and was built in the Liao Dynasty. It is a solid brick tower with dense eaves. It uses stone as the base and bricks to form the tower. It is divided into three levels and has an octagonal shape. The tower body is carved with brick carvings of Buddha statues, patterns, lion heads and other patterns. Please be clear in the lines. A lot of the blue bricks at the bottom of the tower have been demolished. The top and surroundings of the tower are covered with dry grass, and the smell of cow and sheep dung around makes this leaning tower that has witnessed the baptism of more than a thousand flat winds and rains.
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Ancient Settlement
mzh***00The historic monuments of the Eight Classics are well preserved. The ancient city does not have a north gate, and some houses still have old-fashioned buildings. The general of the Ming Dynasty Hong Chengchou once stationed here. The ancient city is not big, and it feels only 300 meters from east to west. . If you are interested in authentic historical sites, this is a good place. Those who are not interested will say there is nothing to see. It is listed as a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit, but most of the city walls have collapsed and shattered, there are weeds on it, and there are a lot of jujube trees, and there is no trace of protection!

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Nine-Gate Water Great WallHuludao,China

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Fengtai Tourist ResortHuludao,China

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Jinshatan ResortHuludao,China

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Yulonghaiwan ResortHuludao,China

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Suizhong MuseumHuludao,China

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Yong'an Canyon DriftingHuludao,China

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Suizhong Travel Tips

About Suizhong

Suizhong is situated on the coast of the Bohai Sea, next to the city of Huludao in Liaoning province. It is home to a large number of ethnic minorities including Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and Korean people. It has beautiful natural scenery and numerous historical attractions, including the ruins of a Qin dynasty palace. The large expanse of coast makes Suizhong an ideal holiday destination.

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Suizhong Weather

Oct 28, 2021
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Oct 29, 2021
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Oct 31, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Suizhong
Oct 28, 2021 Suizhong Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:23/17:02
Suizhong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Suizhong, including: Nine-Gate Water Great Wall,Dongdaihe,Zhimao Bay
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