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Nature Reserve
_We***53Yes! The weather is just suitable for travel. There is a target shooting place on the island in the reeds. It is good, the small pupa tastes good, like it, the scan code electric car is more convenient to stop at any time, the Metasequoia forest is also good, there are bamboo poles to row boat yourself, you can go on a family together, the water is more shallow trees, you will not row, It's like a bumper boat. Rowing also requires physical strength, hahaha
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M35***96Walking in the Huahai path of Putian, carefully consider its unique scenery: step by step the staircase and garden road, water channel, slope geometrically jointed, with various flowers, unique tree; Here also has the most characteristic air path, when you climb the spectacular air path, look up to see the blue sky, lower your head can appreciate the boundless sea of flowers. In the heart, overflowing with moving and happy. At this moment, the world is quiet. Not proud and not impatient, not sad, not hurt, the pace sound, soothing orderly; Laugh and watch the flowers bloom and listen to the kite. This is the paradise of the lover of flowers photographers. Each flower field has signs in front of the name of flowers and plants, is also a good opportunity to teach in the fun. Here three seasons are flowering, let people linger, next year to feel good about the Natian spring, summer and autumn.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
睡恣@M丶The story between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu not only restores the famous history of Qing Ding, Hongmen Night Banquet and Wujiang Ziyi, but also fully displays the traditional culture of the country's non-legacy chess, silk brocade and warring families.
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Theme Park
吴立珍Kela Hi Valley Theme Park takes the canal culture as its biggest feature, integrates the world’s five canal resources, and creates a canal joy experience tour that is intimately in contact with the world canals and fully interactive through rich modern amusement experiences. Each area has a corresponding canal. The real scene is used as a template to create a true reproduction of exotic cultures such as characteristic buildings and humanities along the canals of the world through the landscape.
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U44***99Cost-effective, there are more animals, and you can play again in the past half day with your child, unfortunately there are no pandas. It is also very good to have this degree in a fourth-tier city like Suqian, and take the child next time.
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amydog2021-5-18Blowing dandelion, also saw flowers magpie 🐦, small bees picking honey, happy 😄Donge hometown of wife and beauty, famous Dingding Luoma Lake 🐴 Luoma Lake, Called Lema Lake, located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province, across Suqian and Xinyi: It was almost 4:30 pm when we arrived at Lake Luoma, it was not clear whether there is any closure regulation or whether we need to buy tickets. Anyway, after the navigation arrived, we opened around Lake Luoma and did not find the park gate. Then I found that the car can drive directly to the place very close to the lake, and there are also free parking in the plan, great characteristic experience: Luoma Lake is said to be the fourth largest freshwater lake in Jiangsu Province, it should be not small, but I don't know if it was wrong in the past or something else, almost no one, It was very depressed, let alone any commercial facilities, but even without tourists, it was very clean and there were security electric cars and drone patrols to keep it safe! Recommended reasons: The lake seems to be quite general, you can fish, there should be a lot of fish, but there is a running track built by the lake, there are some beautiful flowers, and walking is also very happy tips: there are warning signs on the lake: true love life, away from the black boat 😆 yes, no mistake, it is the black boat

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Hongze Lake Wetland and Hot Spring ResortSuqian,China

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Yunhe Wan Forest ZooSuqian,China

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Xiaodian Hot SpringSuqian,China

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Huanghegu Water Amusement ParkSuqian,China

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Mudundao Tourism Sceneic AreaSuqian,China

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Luoma Lake WetlandSuqian,China

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Suqian Travel Tips

About Suqian

Suqian City is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province. Because of the two famous liquors, Yanghe and Shuanggou, it is known as "the Capital of Chinese Liquor." It is also called the “City of Heroes,” as this was the place where Xiang Yu, the King of the Western Chu, was born. Criss-crossed by lakes and rivers, Suqian's plains are vast and fertile. Famous as being the hometown of Yangshu (Siyang), aquatic products (Sihong), famous wines and of silkworm cocoons, it was praised by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as "the best place for rivers and mountains in the spring time."

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Oct 25, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Suqian
Oct 25, 2021 Suqian Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:20/17:22
Suqian Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Suqian, including: Sihong Hongze Lake Wetland,The Ancestral Home of Xiang Wang,Santaishan National Forest Park
You could try Santaishan National Forest Park,The Ancestral Home of Xiang Wang,Loma Lake Tourist Resort,Yunhe Wan Forest Zoo,Cupid Theme Park in Suqian
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