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Things To Do in Suzdal

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老司机寒无解It was built in 1968, when the Soviet government moved the most representative wooden houses near Suzdal and Vladimir here, and built wooden houses and a museum of residential life. There are houses, shops, wells, waterwheels, flour milling windmills, summer churches, and winter churches (fires can be built). The museum recreates a small Russian town three hundred years ago. The wooden house is simple, dim, and narrow, with narrower beds. You must know that this is already a "face-saving" attraction built by the government, and it is still so small. This shows how miserable the life of serfs in the bitter cold land was.
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Historical Site
01234567890li, as the kremlin (suzdalKremlin) on a high hill, and one side there is a winding stone river, the prominent terrain. Compared with the kremlin in Moscow, on a smaller scale, and older. Intrauterine nativity cathedral is the 13th century the famous buildings, the bishop hall was the religious leader office place. It was a medieval form, total pattern as early as the core. Churches, palaces, and the bell tower of the related vaulted corridor, formed the overall consistency, make it as Italy close type palace.
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01234567890liLocated in The north of downtown, vegetable leaf, Mr M Monastery (The Saviour derived of st. Euthymius) is one of The largest Monastery, total size, in 1352 by The venerable abbot, a leaf, Philippines meters set up, and in his name, then The two vassili iii, wave power, The duke Zagreb base (Pozharsky) to construction.
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Historical Site
01234567890liNew saint monastery is vassili iii (1505-1533) in time in 1524 in memory of the ancient city of smolensk in Russia from Lithuania control and build a convent. As outer urban of the kremlin, it is all around of circumvallate, monasteries, there is a lot like the smolensk church built in 1524 that valuable ancient buildings, the bell tower of the red and white is very beautiful. Now it has become second only to the kremlin and season, denis polyakov gallery''s third-largest tourist attractions in Moscow.
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01234567890liThe nativity church built in 1222 ~ 1225, the Russian traditional architecture is given priority to with wood, is the oldest church in the city. Blue onion form giant has become, a sign of Dali, top face countless Venus, hall as a milk white, deserve to go up tall tower, the modelling is unique. The huge "golden gate" is the creation of the ancient Russia''s most prominent, made with gold foil package on the copper plate, cast with ancient above... Pattern. Church paintings exhibition on display dozens of ICONS, icon painting is one of special type in the 15th century, was the Russian oil painting art era of glory.
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Historical Site
01234567890liSt. Petersburg him street not far from Gerry Boyle tuo, a canal. Built in 1883-1907, to commemorate the tsar Alexander ii was revolutionary militants killed. The architect to vassili assumption cathedral based on Moscow''s red square, built this church. Compared with vassili assumption cathedral, it looks more beautiful, more vivid. It is one of the few traditional orthodox church, st Petersburg and as a main tourist attractions in st Petersburg.