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E31***42Last winter vacation, I and my parents had a wonderful time on Mountain Tai, the most famous of the five great mountains.It is located in Tai'an where my grandpa and grandma live. On the foot of Mountain Tai, there is a deep pool called Black Dragon Pool. Its water was dark green. It looked like a mysterious prince. There is a legend that the water of Black Dragon Pool can flow into the Baotu Spring in Jinan. If you throw a coin into this pool, you can find it in Baotu Spring. We played therefor a long time with happiness.Then, we took a bus to the beginning of the hike. To climb on the top of the mountain, it was a long way ahead of us. Thoughmuch energy was burned, we don't feel tired. The beautiful scene on the top of the mountain gave us motivation. Finally, we got the top of the mountain. The road behind us seemed to be almost flat. Wow, a fantastic painting appeared to us. There was sea of clouds. The fog covered the mountain, and there was a faint view of the rolling hills and the looming cable car.What an amazing scene it was!
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Geological Sites
物已[Scenic] Bring children to play, the summer is very cool and the temperature is just right, it is a good place to summer, it is good to sit on the rafting, always drifting, more interesting than walking, must do it, even the car at the door, can't walk a few steps to the entrance, there is no such distance as I thought.
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M48***78We arrived in the morning 9.00, the weather at noon was too hot, and there were no people in the summer park! It was also quite boring. Nobody played with us. Hahahaha, the park was known to the tourists. Bad review: Fire meteor roller coaster down like be stung! My ears are red, head stung, very speechless ah, head between two handrails collision! . But very exciting is really, screaming a lot of people! Star flight is not good to see! Wordless! It is not good to see inside the big outside, is the most ugly VR inside! Look up all the way. And can not lie down, cervical vertebra disease will be committed! So even then, the performance is very fascinating, no one see the stars to see what the performance is. Most speechless VR! Most unrecommended items! The universe warrior is very childish to me, the parent-child program, children can play. Adults are too childish. Acclaim: There is a leaping limit seems to be, my day this paradise the best VR, very worth seeing. Vesuvius recommended, because the screaming is moderate, not very scary, not very bold people can do, can do. The big pendulum is very exciting, the staff in the scenic area will be halo 😵 The staff in the scenic area is also very good, the things inside are too expensive, a chicken row 25, a small roast intestine 8 yuan, buy a bottle of water are 6 yuan! Very not worth it, so it is recommended that everyone bring water! The eggs bought. The oil cakes are not allowed to be brought in. Will turn the bag. One-off raincoats are not allowed to be brought!! So everyone does not have to buy a raincoat. Raincoats inside look like 40! Because it is not worth it, we did not play the water park and suggest to take pictures early.
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Taoist Temple
妍霓The temple is located in the southern foot of Taishan Mountain, in the city of Tai'an. It is the place where ancient emperors held the festival of Taishan God. It is also a famous Taoist holy place. The building group of kotoku is a large scale, and it is called the four major buildings in ancient China along with the Forbidden City, Chengde summer resort and Shandong qufu. The whole temple was built according to the ancient imperial palace form, and it entered from the high main gate "Zhengyang gate", and along the axis, it was distributed along the main buildings such as Tianmen, Ren'an gate, and Tianzhudian. The high-rise discs, the magnificent and majestic temples, all show the style of the ancient imperial temples. The temples are green, the ancient trees are sky-high, the scenery is beautiful. The temples are distributed both sides of the Tang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty, among which the ancient trees and the famous trees in the temples are represented by the Tang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty, which have experienced the vicissitudes of thousands of years.
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Amusement Park
湘雨-潇潇A family of four went to Qingming Holiday, 1.4 free tickets, ticket price 57 from Trip.com, to scan the code, no ticket collection, high cost performance, the project is basically free, Nufu makes up the sky, Honghuang thrills, jungle adventure, bumper car, Gudu, Dragon King, high-altitude bullfighting, rafting is worth playing, Because there are too many people to play, it is recommended to go early, bring some meals to play for a day, waiting in line for a long time, the good places for children to play are overall awesome, fun, good scenery, good value for money,
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SaweizhenShandong's Taishan 18. After the epidemic prevention and control, friends took us a line of six people, came here, tired is tired, but not too many people, very good, the weather is also good, climbing to the top, all wet, especially cool.

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Taian Travel Tips

About Taian

Tai’an (泰安) is located in central Shandong Province, east of the Yellow River. The name “Tai’an” comes from “guotai and min’an,” which means “peace to the nation and security for the people.” Mount Tai, situated within Tai’an City, ranks as a top national scenic area and is regarded as the most important of China's Five Great Mountains and the “Greatest Mountain Under Heaven.” It is a natural and cultural World Heritage Site. Most of the city lies in the southern foothills of Mount Tai. Together, the city and mountain enjoy great renown in Chinese history and culture.

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Taian Weather

Sep 25, 2021
Light Rain
18 ~ 21
Sep 26, 2021
Heavy Rain
18 / 21
Sep 27, 2021
Light Rain
20 / 24
Sep 28, 2021
Moderate Rain
19 / 23
Sep 29, 2021
16 / 25
Sep 30, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Taian
Sep 25, 2021 Taian Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:01/18:05
Taian Travel: Not Recommended, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Taian, including: Mount Tai Scenic Area,Tai'an Underground Dragon Palace (Formerly Taishan Rift Valley),Tai’an Fantawild Adventure
You could try Tai’an Fantawild Adventure,Sun tribe,Tianle City Water World,Taishan Colorful Time Scenic-Spot,Yalongwan Aquatic Park in Taian
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