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Things To Do in Taihe

171 Reviews
Amusement Park
M23***17Online ticket purchase is very convenient, and the store is very trustworthy. You can directly swipe the QR code to enter the park two hours after you purchase the ticket. There is no need to change the ticket, which saves time and effort. There are many projects open in the park today, and the children are very happy. The staff is also very patient and enthusiastic, and praised Taihe Carnival!
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Botanical Garden
粤动人心Good environment, fresh air, it is the weekend when I go, there are too many people, it is recommended that the park add more seats to rest, the park is large, and the place is a little less tired.
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362 Reviews
M18***63There are quite a lot of animals, not like some reviews have said. When buying tickets, 78, the staff told me that there is an activity, this month can be free on the glass bridge, this is a pleasant surprise. Go with the child, the weather is good 20 degrees. The whole zoo was 3 hours walking around and there were shows, my son especially enjoyed the sea lion show. Overall still worth going!
10 Reviews
M38***56Great recreational park on the sandy river for sun, kite flying, biking and a tenkm north-south walk across the side is a woodland speaker designed to keep small animals hidden in the lawn for a day on a nice day
6 Reviews
Art Museum
M30***97This is a lovely little place located on a beautiful hillside. Fans of Miro keep it busy...for me, I am not a huge fan of Miro, but I was pleasantly surprised to see works that I didn’t know before-because they are not Miro. The most famous works, but I found them to be my favorite. So, give it a try. You may also be pleasantly surprised.
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49 Reviews
M35***25Very fun, next time, there are many projects, free unlimited play, praise, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, Cloud Tower, VR movie, Magic Castle, Pirate Ship, Rapid Surfing, praise, stimulus, recommended