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Things To Do in Taizhou

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Geological Sites
Nelshenxianju. come visit this place. this is one of the best place for hiking. breathtaking views.
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一只爱撒娇的小猫咪Driving to the rooftop play, saw the Raiders in advance, parked in the parking lot of the Great Falls. From the Great Falls Visitor Center, spend ten yuan by shuttle bus to the upper entrance, then go down all the way, the scenery is beautiful, there are also gusts of wind in the mountains, quite comfortable. It is very convenient to take the child for about two hours, arrive at the lower entrance and take the free shuttle bus back to the Great Falls parking lot to pick up. Not a popular attraction, but there are many tourists, worth going.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
_We***73Fantastic place for those who really enjoy walking. As It's rather long choose such a day when the weather will be cool. I really enjoy my time there. I recommend everybody to visit this fabulous place.👍
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木鱼The waterfall falls 325 meters, the widest 100 meters, is known as "China's first high waterfall." The main landscapes are: Nine-level waterfalls (Nine Waterfalls: Yushuo Flying Flow, Seven or Eight Waterfalls: Yougu Waterfall, Six Waterfalls: Suspended Waterfalls, Five Waterfalls: Yiyuan Xianyu, Four Waterfalls: Group Contestation, One Two and Three Waterfalls: Longyou Mitsui), Lingyun Plank Road, Viewing Platform, Cable Bridge, Glass Suspension Bridge, Cable ladder, Cliffstone Carving, etc. It is a rare high-fall water cascade group.
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Geological Sites
酒仙老周Good place to go in summer! The grottoes are really cool! The natural cool can also see the previous artificial quarrying ruins! A lot of science and technology with natural knowledge! A baby is still a good choice! The kind of climbing is not tired! [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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M28***42If you look at the ocean world theme, it can only be cost-effective compared to other regions' ocean world. The show has a mermaid show and a seal dolphin show, and the dolphin show is quite good. To commend it, there are some marine creatures that can be touched with their fingers, which is very good 👍 There are small animals feeding on the underground floor of the ocean world, there are playgrounds on the top floor, and the children are very happy and don't want to go home.