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vv在路上vvFor the combined ticket of Ligu Town and Lihu Wetland bought on Trip.com, it costs 90 yuan. You go to Ligu Town first. After picking up the ticket there, you can go to the Lihu Wetland and directly brush the ticket into. Wetland park area is very large, walk more than 10,000 steps, take a boat in and out, every half hour, 17 o'clock the last boat, free travel friends must grasp the time. We went in the 32-degree weather, I thought there would be a lot of green shade inside, in fact, there are a lot of hikes in the hot sun, of course, you can also choose to take a boat tour after entering the central scenic spot. I don't know if there is a sightseeing battery car. I only met a few staff on the way to the exit. The bottle car rushes out. Overall the views are still good and worth the trip.
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JCNits a really beautiful park to visit to escape the city for peace and tranquility. was good to be surrounded by so much nature and fresh air. the park looks amazing with all the trees and water surrounding it. it was also very cool to take a boat ride through the park
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Ancient Settlement
vv在路上vvThe first stop of Taizhou two-day tour. The epidemic prevention inspection of the visitor center is quite in place, in addition to looking at the health code, we have to see the 14-day itinerary data. If you buy a joint ticket with the Wuhu Wetland, if you buy a ticket for the Wuhu Ancient Town alone, 30 yuan feels worthless. A not long commercial street, next to a few lanes, the lanes of several old houses, formed an ancient town, the commercial street is selling fish ball fish cakes Huangqiao Bicake. The old town of Lixiahe area has similarities and differences with the old town of Jiangnan, which lacks the crisscrossed river, but the old house also has the taste of Suzhou garden. The weather is too hot, and it takes more than an hour to walk around.
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Happy leleBeijing finally canceled the requirement to go to Beijing for a nucleic acid test report, after being baptized by several sandstorms, suddenly and continuously smog, as if following the spring's footsteps, to experience the warmth of the river-south water. Just in the season when the rape flowers bloom, backpack, a few friends walk. (Traffic) Traffic Raid: Beijing to Taizhou High-speed Railway, currently only one shift per day, Beijing to Yangzhou High-speed Railway is also only one, you can also choose Beijing to Nanjing South, Nanjing South to Taizhou or Yangzhou, there are more trains, the choice of space is large, From high-speed rail or taxi to Xinghua Millennium Scenic Area. (Money) Per capita Consumption: If you buy tickets in advance in major travel apps, 10 people can enjoy preferential team price. If individual customers can purchase tickets one day in advance in a mobile travel program, the joint ticket (ticket + one-way ticket) is 90 yuan, buy a ticket in the window of the scenic spot 100 yuan. (picture nail) practical tips: the ticket is a one-way ticket, you can take either an electric boat or a small boat with a sway. But can only take one-way boat trips, it is recommended that everyone enter the scenic area more energetic, walking tour, return when the cruise. March late to early April is in full bloom of rape season, the number of people watching on weekends, it is recommended to have a conditional choice of non-weekend to go.
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fcy911Taizhou carving building is located in the port of Gaogang District, Taizhou City, in the ancient district of Qiannian Chai Ruins, here in recent years after the transformation, re-enacted the Ming Dynasty storage and storage "Chai Ruins Leisurely" poem "Liaoliu chat, walk to the flower village" the scenery, the building is unique, the water scenery beautiful and moving, the bridge scenery beautiful Lun beautiful. The port carved building is made of blue brick, high ridge flying, especially the wonderful door and window, cloister, column, railing, cliff are all made of carved components; Ryuho shosho, flowers, birds, fish, insects, and fishery were read (the fishery was the gonshi Ryo of the East Han Dynasty, and the puppet was the Zhu puppet in the period of emperor Wu, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under A careful observation, a number of historical figures can be found, Zhou Dun-ling, Tao Yuan-ming, Wang Xizhi, Lin and Jing formed the "Four Loves", and the three countries' dramas and stories: three Gu Mao-ling, Sun Wu Zhao-qin and so on, all are remarkable.
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Hot Springs Resort
candyli859Go once a year, get used to, the hot springs have been good, by the way, the hot springs to the Buddha. Now there are fewer people here, and do not have to be crowded like the scorpion. The flower pool is the most fragrant, the fish pool is the coldest, they also have a large indoor pool, afraid of the cold can stay indoors.

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About Taizhou

Taizhou (泰州), in central Jiangsu Province, is a notable Chinese historical and cultural town with a history stretching back more than 2100 years. Innumerable cultural relics can be seen here, including ruins of the Longshan (龙山) Culture dating back more than 4000 years, ancient cultural relics from the late Neolithic period to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and the remains of the old salt-moving canals dug in the early Western Han period. Taizhou is also a city with a glorious tradition of revolutionary struggles.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Taizhou
Sep 23, 2021 Taizhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:49/17:57
Taizhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Taizhou, including: Qin Lake National Wetland Park,Lizhong Water Forest Park,Qintong Ancient Town
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