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Honey House日本民宿The flower language of wisteria flowers There are several versions of the flower language of wisteria flowers with blue in purple and rosy clouds: 1. Born for love, and die for love. 2. Intoxicating love affair, Yiyi's longing. 3. The happiest moment of being attached to you. 4. Indulge in love. The legend of wisteria flowers Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who liked to wear purple clothes. She sincerely prayed to Yuelao every day, hoping to meet someone who can cherish herself. Finally one day, Yue Lao was moved by the girl’s piety and said to her in her dream: "When spring comes, in the grove of locust trees in the back mountain, she will meet a man in white. That is what she has been looking forward to for a long time. Love." The girl remembered silently, looking forward to waiting for a long time. When the spring was in full bloom, the infatuated girl came to the locust forest alone with joy and joy, waiting nervously and excitedly for her beautiful love. But when it was getting dark, the man in white still did not show up. When the girl was nervous and disappointed, she accidentally bit her ankle by a snake in the grass. The girl can't walk anymore, and she can't go back home. Under the night, the girl began to fear and panic. At the moment when the girl felt hopeless and helpless, the man in white appeared. The girl cried out for help in surprise. The man in white went forward and used his mouth to help her suck out the poisonous blood on the ankle bitten by the snake. The girl fell in love with him deeply, but the white-clothed man came from a foreign country, and their marriage was strongly opposed by the villagers. The girl's heart is determined, and the man in white will not marry. In the end, the two lovers both jumped off the cliff and died in love. Later, a locust tree grew on the edge of the cliff where they died. There was a vine wrapped around the tree, and blossomed flower pendants, purple with blue, brilliant like clouds, extremely beautiful. Later generations called the flowers that bloomed on the vine as wisteria flowers, which need to be wrapped around trees and cannot survive alone. Some people say that the girl is the incarnation of the wisteria, the locust tree is the incarnation of the man in white, and the wisteria is born for love. Die for love.
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Isobe ShrineTanba,Japan

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Amusement Park Takarajima HikamiTanba,Japan

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Tamba Municipal Kashiwabara History and Folklore ShiryokanTanba,Japan

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Kino NebashiTanba,Japan

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Byakkugoroji TempleTanba,Japan

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Genkimura KamikugeTanba,Japan

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Sep 21, 2021 Tanba Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 64%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:46/17:59
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