Tasman Council
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pxy0705The Port Arthur Historic Site is a very important Australian historical area. This was once the first port where British colonists landed in Australia. Most of the sites here were prisons, and they were the places where British felons were held. Although it is broken, you can still see that the prison here is quite large and modern more than 100 years ago, and it is worth the money to visit
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凤凤吖吖Tasmanian Devils Park is a good place to see the endangered Tasmanian Devils, and have close contact with kangaroos... all the way north to Swansea, the scenery all the way is pleasant.
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DJDQIt can't be more pleasant to take a boat trip around the island with a group day trip! Wombats can be seen in the blue sky and blue sea. The local one-day tour is only in English. We are the only foreigners. The others are old Australian aunts and uncles. When the boat started, the sea breeze was still quite cold, but it was worth it for the beauty. Some local old aunts did a lot of homework, and also introduced us to the types of rocks along the coast and their formation years.
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D49***92Hobart tiene el museo mas cool del mundo, MONA, tienes que visitarlo!!! aparte de eso es una ciudad tranquila con un lindo puerto donde puedes comer helado o tomar cafe, 3 dias es suficiente.
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Rock Monument
陌染MMTraveling to Australia, this stop came to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, to visit the Tasman Peninsula. The Chessboard Road is located on the Eagle Neck Gorge on the Tasman Peninsula and consists of a rectangular "chessboard". This is a natural phenomenon, because the crust is compressed, and sedimentary rock fractures are rare eroded landforms. As the sedimentary rocks are dehydrated and dried at low tide, salt crystals are formed on the surface. Under the influence of salt crystals, seams appear on the ground. , Which is the rectangle we see.
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陌染MMTraveling to Australia, this stop came to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, to visit the Tasman Peninsula. Eagle Neck Gorge is a historical site, located at the northernmost tip of the Tasman Peninsula, connecting the Tasman Peninsula and the Forestier Peninsula. It is very close to attractions such as the Checkerboard Road, Devil's Kitchen, Tasman Arch, and Tasman Blowhole. The topography of the Eagle Neck Gorge is long, less than 500 meters long and only about 100 meters wide. It is convenient for patrolling and is one of the important reasons for being selected as the address of Port Arthur Prison.

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Government GardensTasman Council,Australia

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Paupers DepotTasman Council,Australia

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The Commandants HouseTasman Council,Australia

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The Guard TowerTasman Council,Australia

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Fossil Bay LookoutTasman Council,Australia

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Dog LineTasman Council,Australia

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