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Ancient Settlement
E33***58Tbilisi Georgia the hidden gem of Europe - Such a beautiful country , warm ,kind and friendly atmosphere. Georgia has a barrage of captivating historical scenery that’s worth viewing . This country will forever be in my heart and on the list of countries to visit again.
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Building by Famous Architects
Cherry??2009^_^Minority Georgia Peace Bridge-Return to Tbilisi from Sighnaghi, and take the cable car 🚠 to the highest point of the city Nariqala Fortress near the evening. Houses are scattered on the banks of the Kura River, and churches of all sizes are dotted in every part of the city. The Peace Bridge is radiant, and the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the farthest exudes a dazzling light!
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Historical Site
_We***13A great place to visit if you love hiking, good views and fresh air just a stone’s throw away from downtown. Cable road going right from the city center is also available for those who do not feel keen enough to go all the way up.
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行者晓畅The Georgian National Museum is the largest museum in the Transcaucasus region. Although the exhibition area is not too large, for a small country like Georgia, it is already quite good to be able to systematically display the country's history and culture. On the basement floor are ancient gold and silverware and religious relics, spanning from BC to Su Zhan. On the first floor is the Paleontology Hall. As soon as I entered the ancient ape exhibition hall, I was immediately shocked by dozens of restored ancient apes and ancient human skull fossils. The second floor is the exhibition hall during the Soviet occupation period. The screen near the entrance shows the video of the 2008 South Ossetia War in a loop, accusing the war of the brutal persecution of innocent civilians. The overall design of the exhibition hall is dimly lit and a gloomy environment. Even the prison door was used as a part of the decoration of the exhibition hall, showing the entire history of the Su Occupation period through photos and text. The third floor is the Oriental Art Gallery, which exhibits some Chinese and Japanese cultural relics. The museum can take pictures, and the staff will not stop it. Many cultural relics are displayed naked without the protection of a glass cover. Since there are very few tourists, it is convenient to appreciate various cultural relics up close.
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Rinko咩咩Watch a beautiful sunset at the Nariqala Fortress. Georgia’s oldest fortress is ruined, but it is regarded by the Tbilisi people as the "heart and soul of the city." The huge cross overlooks the city, like an oracle. Of standing. Enjoying the sunset and evening from here, if you have a glass of red wine on hand, it is wonderful. Take a ride on the city cable car and see the colors of Tbilisi in the sky. Ride the cable car to the Mother Fortress and enjoy the panoramic view of Tbilisi by the way. The cost is only 2 lari. Looking at Tbilisi from this perspective, the streets and buildings have a romantic and dreamy sense, whether it is the ancient Europa style or the magical streamlined modern buildings, they are scattered on the undulating terrain. In the Holy Trinity Church, watch a local wedding. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in the entire Caucasus. It is said that its dome is wrapped in pure gold and comes from the spontaneous donation of believers. You can see it from anywhere in Tbilisi. If you are lucky, you can also encounter a church wedding, sacred and solemn, surrounded by the church to appreciate, the believers kissed the icon religiously. Shop for some retro and interesting old objects at Hanqiao Market. Hanqiao Market is an open-air second-hand market. It is said that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, people in Tbilisi took out second-hand goods at home and sold them, and gradually formed a market. Most of the products are paintings and second-hand antiques painted by myself. There are also many old objects from the former Soviet Union, such as medals, stamps, currency, and old film cameras. If you have a unique vision, you can still find a lot of good products. . Go to the Leaning Tower of Puppets to watch the puppets ring the bell on the hour. Georgia’s oldest puppet theater has a history of nearly 40 years. It looks like a weird leaning tower, but it is actually a bell tower. Every hour, the windows on the bell tower will open and the dolls inside will come out to ring the bell. Puppet shows are very popular here. You can hardly buy the show of the day if you buy tickets on the spot. If you want to see the puppet show, you must buy it in advance. Soak in the sulfur bath enjoyed by the royal family. Tbilisi literally means "warm". It is named for the unique sulfur hot spring here, so you can experience the characteristic sulfur bath here. Under the domes that look like big buns, there are bathrooms, lying comfortably on the massage marble, soaking away the tiredness of the day. Eat a big meal, a paradise for meat lovers. There is a lot of meat. Friends who like to eat meat can feast every day. Let’s introduce the big bun Khinkali, also known as Georgian dumplings, which will contain various meats. , With fillings such as potatoes or mushrooms, like domestic soup dumplings, but not greasy at all, biting a small hole, wanton sucking the soup, the meat is delicious and overflowing. In Fabrika is full of graffiti streets and alleys, have a cup of unforgettable coffee. Fabrika is the favorite place for young people in Tbilisi to gather, and it is also the current niche internet celebrity. There are public graffiti on the streets and lanes, full of various colors, and many Bars, cafes, handmade shops, stroll around, and have a cup of coffee, it’s another beautiful day!
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Churches and Cathedrals
Dennis Kit is immensely big, beautiful and exquisite. inside is grand and delicate. However, it is not an old building so the pious mind falls somewhat.

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Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Kura River. With its stone houses built around vine-draped courtyards, and winding streets, Tbilisi has a lively Mediterranean atmosphere.

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