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Sahar AhmadivafaThis place shows an iranian culture and history It was a very good experience I do really recommend it
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山水人生The National Treasure Museum is also called the "National Jewelry Museum" because it is owned by the National Bank of Iran, so it is located next to the National Bank building. This museum, located in the underground vault of the Central Bank of Iran, displays jewels from the Iranian royal palace, of course, most of these jewels are royal supplies. Purchase tickets for 200,000 lire/person, store all backpacks and camera phones, and enter the National Treasure Museum in the Bank’s Palace after several strict security checks. The first thing you see when you enter the door is the peacock bed, huge objects, exquisite shapes, and jewels all over the body, which immediately pulls us from real life to the state of luxury enjoyment. Then I walked into a dimly lit basement. The exhibition hall with a small area but extremely rich exhibits was overcrowded. This is a place that every tourist who travels to Iran wants to come. However, it is only open four days a week, and it is only three hours a day in the afternoon, so the exhibition hall is very busy. Appreciating such a jewel-like thing, what you actually need is quietness and relaxation, but what you feel at this moment is people's restlessness in front of luxury. This is probably in line with human nature. The museum collects a large number of royal treasures from the pre-Islamic Revolution period (mainly the Safavid dynasty, the Kaiga dynasty and the Pahlavi dynasty), including crowns and sabers studded with diamonds, various gems, belts, jewelry boxes, etc. Estimate. Wandering among these jewels, which are claimed to be the most numerous in the world, everything you see with your eyes seems to be shining everywhere. In a limited space, there are priceless gold and silver jewelry, from the style to the content, we have never seen a luxurious display. From wearing jewelry to crowns, from daggers to weapons, from pocket watches to powder boxes, from clothing to supplies, from ornaments to plug-ins, there seems to be everything. At this moment, we are indeed shocked by the luxury of the Iranian royal family. Although China's royal collections are also world-famous, they do not seem to be as rich and complicated as they are shown here. Relatively speaking, the Iranian royal family looks more open and tasteful, which may have a close genetic connection with the long history of the Persian Empire. Of course, this also makes us more eager to learn more about Iran, this mysterious and ancient country. There are a lot of tourists here, and most of them are European and American tourists. Only when they arrive here can the current Iranian tourism gradually heat up. After finishing the tour inside the Treasure Museum and getting the stored luggage, we followed the tips of netizens and bought another picture introduction of the exhibits in English. As long as the price of a very beautiful album is equivalent to RMB 5, it is really cheap.
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小花猫大笨熊I have to say that the Iranian people have a relaxed concept of time. The Big Barra took us to several scenic spots. It was clear that the door was open but the door was not opened. I asked when the door could be opened, but I didn’t know the answer. The tour guide said that because it was Ramadan, it was estimated that the door would not open until the afternoon, and we dragged a car to a bazaar. As a result, the shops inside were not open. When we arrived at the bazaar in the rich district, there was finally a shop open to accommodate us. Bazaar's products are gorgeous and rich, with pleasing color schemes, and they are arranged so that people are very eager to buy. I bought small seedless grapes and yellow cherries in Bazari, very sweet. The box in the lower right corner is honey-stained fresh dates. I think the locals are buying it. I also bought a box for 75,000 rials. It is very delicious and not sweet. Come when you are hungry. It is beautiful . It's a pity that I forgot on the plane. What a pity, but the tour guide said that the date is too hot to preserve, otherwise I bought it back, and I never saw it again in the bazaar behind.
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天鹅湖的青蛙I remember Ma Ye said there are 32 Yuan blue flowers, how to say, Yuan blue flowers is the kind of special situation in the Yuan Dynasty, Islamic culture and Chinese culture Mongolian culture blended. Islam like blue, Chinese porcelain civilization. Let the Yuan Blue Flowers almost never mature directly after birth and development.
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Modern Architecture
GLS***74Tehran's most iconic landmark and it is more interesting up close than it is on CNN. A lovely fusion of Persian and European architecture. Just be careful crossing the street to get to it.
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Modern Architecture
多多Awesome place. With Fontanes and plenty of light, it is beautiful both day and night. Some activities start at 5 o'clock in the evening, such as zip line, bridge, escape room, virtual reality, etc. There is also a dolphinarium nearby, but it takes a while to get there. The tower is very tall, there are some museums inside, and telescopes can be used for tickets.

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Iran is one of the countries with the most magnificent architecture in the Islamic world. Visiting religious architecture is one thing that must be done in Iran.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 27, 2019

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Iran as old as history itself inherits one of the most ancient civilizations of the planet. For many years, people from all over the world have traveled the historic trade route of Silk Road, marveling at the varied glory of the Persian Empire's great civilization. To visit Iran is a unique experience, the experience of lying in the cradle of a great culture and civilization. Boasting three millennia of recorded history, Iran enjoys a magnificent legacy of ruins and hallowed stonework. Persepolis and rare impressive edifices of Isfahan as well as the Air Traps of the central desert region are the hallmarks of the Iranian unique architecture. If you simply want to walk in the footsteps of some history's most outstanding figures, this antique land is blessed with some of the best.

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