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Things To Do in Tennessee

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Modern Architecture
Famous Residences
love is blueI have never particularly liked Elvis, but since visiting the place where he was born in Tupelo and learning some background information about him, Grace Manor has left me quite a deep impression. If you come here in September, it will be very suitable. There are not too many people to visit and the temperature is good. Their recording studio is very, very good, and everything is in order. We used platinum tickets. It takes 3.5 hours before and after to see here. There are a lot of things to see.
8 Reviews
coo***anAfter walking for two days, I was very tired and really wanted to relax, but I had already bought a ticket, so we had to come here. This is a very busy place. All visitors are carefully reading the introduction of each item. Some exhibits are close to the glass. In this case, you can't see anything. If you want to spend time visiting all the objects, you will know a lot of information. Many celebrities’ clothes are displayed here. The exhibits about Brooks and Dunn are great, and there is also a wall dedicated to displaying Kathy Muskgraves’ objects (this is the largest exhibit wall in the entire museum. I don’t understand why this is because there are Many other country singers I like very much). There is also a room displaying the country music hall of fame medals, which is very cool. This is my favorite part of the entire museum.
7 Reviews
City Park
_We***32Very family friendly. The rides are a lot of fun, but sometimes have long lines (typical). During Christmas everything is very beautifully lit. They have attractions for all ages (even grandparents). Baby rides, roller coasters, restaurants, cultural and fun shows, and antique shops are just a few of the things you'll find here. Great place
5 Reviews
coo***anWe lived a few miles outside of Nashville for about a week. The city is an area under development, with huge cranes and new buildings being built in every block. So I won't let anyone down, because life in the city is very busy and it's too noisy. Take the bus to enjoy the magnificent view, the beautiful modern architecture and the long historical landscape here. The locals are also very friendly! It is definitely worth a visit and a must-visit place for music lovers.
6 Reviews
Historical Site
TodemmyThe neat visual historical structure, there is a small art gallery on the first floor, and a huge statue and sculpture on the second floor. Tickets are very reasonable and worth a visit. The statue of Athena is very large. In contrast, the goddess of victory on her hand is more than 6 feet tall. Construction was underway around the park when we went.
7 Reviews
铁木儿爸爸It is a scenic spot in Lookout mountain, a waterfall in the mountain that was dug down from the top of the mountain that year. Take the elevator down when visiting. Imagine that the husband who dug a hole back then took his wife Ruby to climb for a few hours to watch the waterfall. This wife has a good appetite and body. The cross-section of the tunnel from that year is also retained. Climb inside and see if your knees will crawl. The lights and music at the waterfall are only on for seven minutes, so you need to hurry up and take pictures. It is best to turn on the flash of the mobile phone or remove the mobile phone cover in advance (some mobile phone cases will cause reflections and affect the shooting effect) to save some time.

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