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Historical Architecture
Historical Site
Ancient Settlement
yylatpkuSanmentang is located in Tianzhu County, but in fact, the drive from Jinping County is closer and the distance is shorter. From Jinping County, drive east along the edge of Qingshui River, about half an hour can reach Sanmentang Village. The road conditions are very good, the Qingshui River is beautiful along the way, very suitable for self-driving tour. Sanmentangcun is now building rural tourist areas, parking lot and other facilities are being built in the perfect, 2021 when the May Day, the overall progress of the project has exceeded 80%, does not affect the visit. It is expected that after the National Day 2021, the scenic area will be completed, when it should be a better attraction. Sanmentang parking space is sufficient, self-driving tourists can go to rest assured. From the parking lot into the village of Sanmentang, is the Yingbin Square and the tourist service center, the architectural style is used Huihe architectural style, very exquisite. The main attraction of Sanmentang is Zongtang, especially the most wonderful, Zongtang area is very large, carved and delicate, full of the combination of Chinese and Western style, the building is definitely a work of art, the friends who like architecture must not miss here. Sanmentang Village is located on the edge of Qingshui River, Qingshui River is the upper reaches of Lijiang River, from Sanmentang boating down, can go through Lijiang River to Dongting Lake, thus into the Yangtze River to sail out of the sea, which is why in this village deep in the mountains of Guizhou, there will be such a beautiful combination of Chinese and Western architecture as Liu's Zongtang The reason. In the past, Qingshui River was the channel of Sanmentang to communicate with the whole country and even the world. Today, Qingshui River became the tourist picture of Sanmentang. Following the riverside, it is a newly-built walking path and water-friendly square. After seeing the architecture of Liu's Zongtang and Sanmentang Village, we strolled along the riverside of Qingshui. On the Qingshui River, this will be a new attraction in the future southeast of Guizhou. More importantly, such attractions are free, definitely worth the money, friends, recommend to travel.
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m230035mFor a long time, thousands of people from all over Guizhou have come to Jinfengshan Temple to worship Buddha. The incense is flourishing. Visitors stand on the top of the mountain. The mountains are low on all sides, and the breeze is refreshing. All generations have listed this as a tourist attraction.
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138***13The person upstairs named Wandouzhu made a mistake, right? The Gaohua Village that can take medicinal baths is Gaohua Village in Cuili Township, Congjiang County.
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Historical Site

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