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Things To Do in Tongxiang

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Ancient Settlement
SuemariSo beautiful! The bars inside are quite expensive. But the atmosphere is great. Some even have live music. There are boats that take you around the town that average at about 60rmb per person. The lines for these boats are usually quite long. Bring comfortable walking shoes.
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Ancient Settlement
红糖泡泡Xizha is located in Wuzhen West Street, adjacent to the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the highway directly to Jiangsu, Suzhou and Tongxiang City, the traffic is very convenient, and Dongzha to tourism as the theme of different, Xizha is built for business tourism, leisure vacation. The west gate is composed of 12 small islands, more than 70 bridges will be connected together, the river density and the number of stone bridges are the most ancient town in the country.
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Ancient Settlement
一直在路上的猫Jiangnan Millennium Ancient Town, simple and quiet like water years 👉 Attractions: Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area Address: No. 18, Ziye Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang 💰 Tickets: East and West Gate tickets are 190 yuan, buying Dongzha 110 yuan separately. Children and students are half price 55 yuan, 80 yuan for people over 60 years old. 🕐Open time: 7:00-18:00, stop at 18:00. 🏠 play guide: Dongzha is quieter and quaint than Xizha. If you buy a joint ticket, it is recommended to come to Dongzha first in the morning. The small bridge can take many beautiful photos. There are boxing boats (fixed time performance), Jiangnan Baekede Hall, Jiangnan Folk Museum, Mao Dun's former residence, etc., it seems that there are many bright eyes, in fact, Dongzha is much smaller than Xizha, and you can go shopping for three hours. Hungry inside there are snacks and restaurants, the price is slightly more expensive than outside but acceptable. You can come out at noon and go to Xizha in the afternoon. 🌈 Try to take a photo when the weather is good.
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Ancient Settlement
RS88888888I thought about a hundred copy of Wuzhen is not as good as the evening wind that just blew at this moment. I have not left. I think I can only feel the beauty of the watery years when I walk in the alleys of Wuzhen (Xizha) in person. ~
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Art Museum
139***13The Muxin Art Museum is an iconic building of "Wuzhen Culture", located in Xizha Scenic Area, adjacent to the Wuzhen Grand Theatre, designed by the disciples of the architect Mr. Pei Ming, in order to commemorate and display the lifelong work and aesthetic heritage of the painter, writer and poet Mr. Muxin. The museum is narrow and concise, standing on the water, elegant in color, modern moderation. Wooden Heart describes it as "Wind, water, a bridge. The bridge is covered with a square pad, and the museum formed geometric collision. From the bridge to the Grand Theatre, one side a circle, one deep one shallow, the pond over water, overlapping, is the art of space, the meaning of the South of the Yangtze River. The interior of the gallery is large, the collection of Muxin Master works, is the most complete collection of Muxin, is the combination of literature and art and architecture art. The museum needs to charge extra tickets, it is well worth seeing, art fans can not miss. Visiting the museum requires additional tickets, the price of 20 yuan, closed on Monday.
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Famous Residences
139***13Mao Dun (1896-1981), a famous writer and social activist, was originally named Shen Dehong, and his name was Guo Bing. Maodun's former residence is located at the corner of Wuzhen Guanqian Street and Xinhua Road, and sits in the north facing south. It is a common traditional wooden-framed residential building in the south of the Yangtze River. There are two houses in front and back. The three bungalows in the former one are the bedrooms, study rooms and guest rooms of Maodun. A small garden near the house, with palms, geraniums, holly, cypresses and fruit vines. Although the study is in the city, it is a quiet, elegant place. The latter is a two-story building, used as a kitchen, dining room, living room. His former residence was sent money to the family home from the Han Guchi business around 1885 years, and it was called seichin at that time, but it was merged with kajichin. Mao Dun was born on July 4, 1896 to leave the town of 1910 spring to study, living in 13 spring and autumn, after that until the outbreak of the war of resistance still contacted. Mao Dun's former residence is located in Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area, visit need to buy Dongzha Scenic Area 110 yuan tickets (East and West Gate scenic area combined ticket 190 yuan).