Tongzi County
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Things To Do in Tongzi County

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滇国剑客Here the name leaf makes mercury, you see how beautiful this name is, actually to look to can have to find that mercury leaking feeling, that is called beauty, that non-dye dust feeling let people can not bear to leave.
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M46***11It’s the first time this year. Generally speaking, it’s okay. We did it in the morning so that we don’t need too much sun. The total length is more than 7 kilometers. We had three boats in a group, and one boat capsized in a rush of water. Very quick and responsible to rescue them ashore in time, no one was injured, here, thank the staff for their help.
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滇国剑客The name West Lake is found everywhere in the country, more have "Su Shi everywhere have the merit lake" and allusions. And the scenery of the small West Lake is so intoxicating, it is simply not heart to move.
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Water Park
M23***77Generally speaking, this place is great to have such a water park! The entertainment facilities are abundant, the water quality is good, and the service is not bad. The kids had a great time!
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滇国剑客This is a world of flowers, if the time is right for the flowering festival, visitors can see a variety of flowers in full bloom, smell the fragrance tour, really is a value for money enjoyment and tour.