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Things To Do in Torun

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洛神花开The birthplace of Copernicus, now a Museum of Science and History has been built, using sound and light technology to showcase some famous scientists and their academic achievements. It also shows the European lifestyle and trade development.
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juki235Torun is the hometown of Copernicus and an old city with hundreds of years of history. A very beautiful brick red Gothic building erected on the Old Town Square is the city hall of Toruń. Ascend to the tower of the city hall, you can overlook the entire city. The current city hall has no administrative functions and has been changed into a museum in the Torun area. You may wish to visit it.
4 Reviews
凤凤吖吖Eating cookies and singing songs, hurried to St Mary's Church st mary's church. It is said that the tower here is the commanding height of Oxford and overlooks this Oxford town. But when I rushed there, I found that the opening hours of the tower had passed. Unfortunately! But visiting in the church and admiring the wonderful Gothic architecture is not bad!
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khccThe St. John’s Cathedral is next to the Torun Government Hall. Because it is mainly white, it stands out from the surrounding buildings. The church is not grand, but it is considered a major building in the square.
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洛神花开Torun, the quiet town is the hometown of Copernicus, and a bronze statue of Copernicus is erected on the town square. Like many European towns, there are bands on the square, children running around, and the town hall behind Copernicus will tell the time vigorously at one o'clock, as if traveling back to the Middle Ages. But the sorted garbage disposal will bring us back to reality.
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