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Things To Do in Tottori

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Geological Sites
天生哥The first reaction of sand dunes + sea = There are two ways to climb the sand dunes in Tottori. You can choose a safer slope, or you can challenge straight "cliffs" with difficulty. I didn't expect it to be half desert and half sea in winter. Covered with thick snow, it is like a dreamlike wonderland. When there is wind, you can see wind patterns and sand curtains!
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NekairThe beach here is more suitable to stay overnight and feel slowly. If you only rent a car to go there, it is not very necessary, especially if the itinerary is relatively tight.
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Art Museum
fyqj1234In addition to the big sand dunes, the most famous sand dune museum is this sand dune museum, which is highly recommended. A large number of sand sculpture artworks are displayed here, created by sand sculpture artists from all over the world, and in order to maintain attractiveness, a world region is selected as the theme every year. The entire venue is built according to the theme, and the exhibition is rebuilt in the next year. There is artistic value. Because the theme is different each year, the theme of 2019 is South Asian style. The main feature is the historical style of India. It is very gorgeous and exquisite. You can see the statue of Gandhi as soon as you enter the door, and then a series of various life scenes of South Asian style. Although they are sand sculptures, I have to marvel at the exquisite degree of these sand sculptures. The three-dimensional processing is very delicate. The biggest theme sand sculpture in the museum area is a story of a South Asian marriage, with many characters in the scene. If you think it’s just sand sculptures from India, you’re wrong. In fact, there are Shakyamuni’s teachings, the Bamiyan Buddha in Central Asia, the Lion Rock in Sri Lanka, and so on. Every subject can be said to be vivid. There are three floors in the museum. You can get a better panoramic view on the top. You can also buy Indian curries and art museum souvenirs. There are also photos of works from the past years on the side wall. The second floor is mainly a platform exit, you can go out and look at the big sand dunes directly. Tickets are not expensive, adults only need 600 yen, and you can also use UnionPay cards. It must be a place worth visiting
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Other Places of Worship
arrickArrived around 9am, very quiet and empty. Rabbit stone carvings are very cute. I arrived too early, so the temple services and shops weren't open, so I visited for about 30 minutes.
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City Park
三月的生活Ochidani Park is located at 680-0015, Uemachi, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture. It is not an urban park, but a park rich in natural resources. The most suitable for walking, there is Tottori Toshogu Shrine and the museum is in front, so sightseeing is also possible.
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fyqj1234Kalu Fish Port is one of the well-known fish ports in Tottori Prefecture, and it is very close to the sand dunes of Tottori. It can be reached within ten minutes by car. The fish market has a super big sign. But even though it is a fish market, the area is actually a little smaller than we thought. Each store is relatively small and there are not many people. Although I saw a lot of Matsuba crabs, it is not the best time now. The squids are not bad, especially when they are blow-dried at the door, it is super fun. I made a video specially. The only highlight in the market is the fish port canteen, where you can eat fresher local fish sashimi. The Kitamae Ferry is highly recommended.