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Things To Do in Tsuyama

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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
coo***anThis is the whirlpool road I visited last fall. This is my second visit here, but I have been there before, so I will visit the landmark of the game again. I like it so much. The first time I was too satisfied, so the second time was a bit. .. I am satisfied!
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coo***anIwasaki’s former residence garden near Shinobazu Pond. It is the residence of the president of Mitsubishi. The house is huge, but the venue is huge. I think it's great to live in such a large venue in a prime location in Tokyo.
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诗道芬-因-布赖施高周处Tsuyama City is an unpopular travel destination for the Chinese people. Even I was attracted by a cherry blossom poster of Tsuyama Castle on the train to Kurashiki, and I realized that there is such a beautiful place. This local museum is an attraction that can be accessed after visiting Jinshan Castle. It is free. But you can get the brochure at the tourist information center. It is a Japanese-style neighborhood, and there are many folk museums inside. For example, you can go in and see the utensils for worshipping the gods.
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西行阿里It is a three major gardens in Japan along with Kanazawa kanen and Mito koen, and it is a migratory garden of Ikeizumi, which was built by Tsunamasa Ikeda, the Lord of Okayama domain 300 years ago. The living room "Yanyang Pavilion" as the center of the distribution Noh-Le stage, pond, mountains, Meilin, tea garden, and more in the Japanese garden very rare wide lawn.
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Historical Site
fyqj1234Okayama, as the first city developed by Ukita in the Warring States Period in Japan, has been witnessing the development of the Edo Shogunate along with the development of the Warring States Period. It can be considered a bit of historical significance. In order to promote tourism, many of them here are commemorated Anyway, all the things from Warring States Warriors were pulled over and placed in the Tianshou. Okayama Castle is different from a complete castle. At present, there are only one or two small gates in the castle and Honmaru, and because it is Heicheng, there is no steep terrain, so if you come here, you will come from Korakuen. , Because there are tickets, there is no need to buy a special ticket to go to the city. There are a lot of exhibits in the castle tower. There are special introductions to the history of the city and some small experience projects. The city itself is not high. After ascending to the top, you can see the river and Korakuen on the opposite side from the sky guard. There is only one river away from Korakuen. After crossing an iron bridge, the scenery is still beautiful.
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Geological Sites
天生哥The first reaction of sand dunes + sea = There are two ways to climb the sand dunes in Tottori. You can choose a safer slope, or you can challenge straight "cliffs" with difficulty. I didn't expect it to be half desert and half sea in winter. Covered with thick snow, it is like a dreamlike wonderland. When there is wind, you can see wind patterns and sand curtains!