Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Ulanqab

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望京小筑Huiteng Xile Grassland is all known as Huiteng Xile Alpine Meadow Grassland, located in the south-central part of the right-wing middle banner of Chahar, Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the north vein of Yinshan, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters. It is 430㎞ from the capital of Beijing in the south, 135㎞ from Hohhot in the west, and 75㎞ from Wulanchabu in the east. The word "Huiteng Xile" is a Mongolian word meaning "cold mountain beam". Huiteng Xile grassland is one of the most intact typical alpine meadow grasslands in the world, with an average altitude of 2100m, an area of 600㎞2, and an vegetation coverage of 80%~95%. The natural lakes on the Huiteng Xile grassland are everywhere, known as "Ninety-nine Springs". Huiteng Xile Grassland is one of the most intact typical alpine meadow grasslands in the world. The average altitude is 2100m, the area is 600㎞2. The vegetation coverage is over 80%. It is full of plants suitable for growing alpine meadow above 2000m, such as turfgrass, foxtail, and turfgrass. There are more than 300 species of plants, including 18 species of rare plants in the world. The weather here is changeable, between a mountain, a ditch between the sky is different. Often this side of the thick clouds, heavy rain, but there is clear sky, sunny. It is particularly cool in summer, with an average maximum temperature of 18℃, which is called "the grassland summer resort".
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crazyjojoGood place, recommended two-day tour. Stay at the scenic White Heellin Hotel. Zoo of four giant pandas, one of which has participated in the 08 Olympic Games. Scenic scenery. Hope to create a resort
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小小绿带爆米花Fun is definitely, eat and live too careful, try to follow the customs, enjoy the local food and folk customs. The horses on the grassland have not been specially trained, but also are local characteristics, need to adapt.
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Geological Sites
SZHD-Located in the right-wing back banner of Chahar, Ulanchabu City, more than an hour drive from Jining District, the two-Guangxi Expressway Ulanhada exit high speed, a short walk on the national road, the scenic road conditions are very good. The volcano group was introduced in the National Geographic magazine in 2015. It is not too well known and there are not many tourists. The view of the grassland volcano is very good.
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蓝逸涯After autumn, the colors of Kowloon Bay are colorful, red, yellow, and green, and the green of the trees is deeper. The autumn rain fell, a hint of coolness. The autumn flowers and plants bloom, writing down the beauty and spirituality of nature. Standing on the top of the mountain, looking at the autumn sky, wide and comfortable. Full of nature and beauty. In autumn, with a broad mind, people temporarily forget the busyness and daily trivial matters. Or the mind of the sky can move you and make people's hearts wider, like the autumn sky
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M40***53On weekends, you can go for exercise. If you go there on a special trip, you don’t feel that it is a very high-quality attraction. The scenic area is large and the scenery is okay. In addition to the cost of the ticket, you need to do two small transportation. , But it is recommended to take a car up the mountain, you can walk down, because it is really very tired, it is difficult to imagine how good the physical fitness of people who can walk to the top of the mountain, even if they barely reach the top of the mountain, it is estimated that they will not have the courage to walk down. . The mountain is already very cold at this time, so wear more.