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杉尼Day Tour of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Turkey. Turkey is a magical and romantic country. It is rich in tourism resources and has a long history. It has experienced the glory of the Ottoman Empire, and then to the abolition of the monarchy and let Turkey shine. It is recommended to those who want Visitors who want to go to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Turkey provide a day trip guide. Reason for recommendation: Kemal is of great significance to the Turks, because he led the Turkish people to carry out the anti-government movement in Turkey after World War I, which eventually overthrew the monarchy and established a democratic republic. He also Respected as the "father of the nation" by the Turkish people. Of course, some people may think that a mausoleum is nothing to see, but the memorial hall of this mausoleum is very well located. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is very large, a large square, surrounded by a majestic cloister. There is a museum in the cloister, which details the entire process of the founding of the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of the founding father. Here you can see the portraits of Ataturk, gifts given by politicians from various countries, and the objects used by Ataturk during his lifetime. . The memorial also uses modern audio-visual technology to reproduce the simulated scenes of the Founding War of Turkey, giving people an immersive feeling. The most noteworthy thing for tourists is that the guard of honor guarding the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will perform the changing of the guard at fixed times every day. The guard of honor is heroic and has an orderly standard of action, which is very interesting. Tickets: Free. How to play: You can ask the tour guide to explain it all the way. The entire Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is very large and you need to walk for 1-2 hours to visit. Especially the changing of the guard of honor ceremony is very worth seeing. Travel TIPS: Opening hours 09:00-17:00 (May 01-October 31, Tuesday-Sunday); 09:00-16:00 (November 01-April 30th Tuesday-week Sunday); not open to the public (Monday).
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juki235The Anatolian Civilization Museum in Ankara is a professional museum displaying the Anatolian civilization. Many precious stone carvings or rock paintings have been unearthed here, reflecting the wisdom and exquisite skills of the ancient ancestors. It also restored the life scenes at that time. It is a very important place to understand this civilization and it is worth visiting.
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爱爱李There are quite a few museums in Ankara. The entire building has traditional Turkish characteristics. There are many collections of equipment, including some automobiles and industrial equipment. The opening hours here are also quite early. [Fun] Very suitable for science students [Value for money] Understanding the industrial development of Turkey
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_GG***84its extraodinary art work is very special . i am recommandong to visit this mosque once if come to ankara .
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Historical Site
M30***69According to a colleague, this was once the center of Ankara two hundred years ago, and now the dilapidated houses, in the afterglow of the setting sun, the cracked ancient wall is like wrinkles on the forehead of an old man, but the old age is a little more peaceful, walking in In the small alleys, the heart is naturally much quieter, just like the hometown of childhood, making people feel like home. Worth coming!
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燃烧生命的小胖妞Cappadokia is known for its fairytale porphyry: fascinating historical sites of unusual rock formations, caves and semi-recluse. Miles of caves, tunnels and hundreds of underground cities have made it a world away from the earth. Enjoy the view on the hot air balloon, in the hot air balloon look at the mountains, the ravines, ravines and valleys, is one piece of "the forest of stone pillars."

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