Uppsala county
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Things To Do in Uppsala

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Ancient Settlement
Lazy_ClutchAlso known as "Gamla Uppsala", I walked from the dormitory when I was about to return to China. When the weather was good, I walked slowly from Wucun Cathedral for about an hour and a half. I walked on the road and looked at the blue sky and white clouds. The vast ground below makes people nostalgic. The real ancient city is in a small hillside village with a small church and cemetery. It is usually very quiet. Walking on the road for fear of ruining the peaceful atmosphere. This is suitable for one's afternoon, looking for a quiet life.
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年乐MichaelUppsala, a city in central Sweden, is located north of the capital Stockholm. It is the fourth largest city in Sweden with a population of 130,000 in the urban area. It is the religious center of Sweden. The first Catholic church in Northern Europe, Uppsala Cathedral, is located in this city.
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Historical Site
_We***95Tour of Uppsala Castle. We just missed another castle tour, so we changed it to "dungeon tour". We don't know what will happen, but we all enjoy it. This guide is very interesting, but also very enlightening, explaining the history of Sweden and how the structure fits into the history. I highly recommend this trip! Moreover, the weather is nice, cool and hot!
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Botanical Garden
_We***95Beautiful gardens, plants, trees, shrubs and other roses are not outside. This cafe is cute and delicious. The entire garden is part of the university and is built by the students. In Sweden, the flowers in this hot house are gorgeous, which is amazing. If you like gardens, this is a great place and a place to relax.
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_We***95It was great to visit the house where he lived with his family and the place where he lectured. The layout of the garden is consistent with the sort order designed by Linnaeus. When we visited in mid-May, only half of the plants were planted in the garden, but there were still many plants to watch. Surprisingly, each plant was named by Linnaeus. Of course, when he invented this system, he was the leader in naming, but it was still impressive. The ecological design of these three water gardens is far ahead of his time.
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M44***33There are some shops, restaurants, and convenience stores around. In short, where can I mail packages, exchange money, shop, eat, and entertain. It can be regarded as the central area of the city.