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Things To Do in Valemount

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National Park
弯妹熊猫1 A chance to see a wide variety of animals from Banff's Jasper. The scenery was breathtaking! 2 You can visit the ancient Colombian Glacier Age formed 3Jasper Town Tour to eat local food 4 Jasper Rafting Summer Must try 5 accommodations to choose a wooden house or enter Jasper National Park camping. Need to book in advance!
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西溪老翁Pyramid Mountain and Pyramid Lake Pyramid Mountain and Pyramid Lake are very close to the small town of Jasper. Pyramid Mountain has an approximate equilateral triangle shape. The exposed rocks are golden yellow and shining in the sun. Hence the name Pyramid Mountain. The Pyramid Lake is not large, so it is named because it is at the foot of the Pyramid Mountain. The golden pyramid mountain reflected in the emerald Pyramid Lake is truly sharp and angular, making it a famous scene in Jasper National Park. There are many wild animals here.
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cparisshThe Marin Canyon is near the Maling Lake, but it takes about 20 minutes to drive. The canyon is really shocking. The canyon extends very deep to the center of the earth. There are waterfalls and the water volume is also very large.
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西溪老翁Patricia Lake Patricia Lake (Patricia Lake) and Pyraimid Lake (Pyramid Lake) are two adjacent lakes. The mountain on the back is the same mountain, Pyramid Mountain. Lake Patricia is also a moraine lake with clear water and beautiful scenery. The two lakes are lined with the Pyramid Mountain, with magnificent mountain views, and are popular places for picnics, fishing and boating. Patricia Lake has clear water and high visibility, and the rocks at the bottom of the lake are clearly visible. There are many wild animals like North American red deer, fawn, goats, moose, bighorn sheep, beavers, Rocky Mountain pikas, marmots and reindeer.