Vejer de la Frontera
La Janda
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Things To Do in Vejer de la Frontera

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非你不渴The African Cave is called the Hercules Cave, which is shaped like the African landscape, and the water is two colors that look out of the cave. That line is the Atlantic and Mediterranean line. No strategy, no pictures.
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_We***30Enjoy some of Tangier's best beaches and beautiful landscapes around Cap Spartel!It's on the Atlantic side, so there are some waves, but it's less crowded than the Mediterranean side. The beaches are nice and relatively clean. You can also visit Hercules' caves, known since Antiquity, and where according to the legend, the greek hero Hercules found some rest while accomplishing his legendary deeds.
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chengse12135Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Dance), as the world''s most rich infectious pop Dance, gypsy culture and Spanish Andalusia is the combination of folk culture. Flamenco in the process of the evolution of the early development, had been one of the earliest eastern Indian dance (such as squats, two legs open position, body and arms bend, substantially open fingers, fast turn, foot drums hit rhythm, etc.) and the Arab dance (finger hits the use of rhythm, hand drum, as well as her unique clothing, etc.).
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世界那么大AUChefchaouen Medina, a small blue city like a fairy tale world, a bright blue color in the mountain col, the local people painted the house in various blues to prevent mosquitoes, dreaming of not leaving, and going to the church hill in the evening to watch the sunset The blue town in the afterglow is the most beautiful. In the morning, you can walk through the alleys with your camera on your back to collect the scenery, and you can see cute cats everywhere.
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天鹅湖的青蛙It's right on the northwest corner of Africa, the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The opposite is Spain, which is actually from Spain in the eighth century but the eleventh, and across the Pyrenees to France.
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_We***30After walking up and down the charming small alleys and stairs of the Casbah, enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea at Tangier's iconic cafe: café Hafa, and enjoy it's amazing view. Be sure to spend the evening there to witness the sun setting over the sea. Many artists were inspired by this view. It's a truly magestic experience.

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