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Things To Do in Wafangdian

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406 Reviews
豆豆 wwApart from being a bit far away, everything else is very good. This is the largest indoor water park in Asia. In addition to playing water sports, you can also go to the Taohuayuan hot spring and fire dragon bath. Various restaurants and accommodations are very convenient. There are small animals to see outside There are wineries and so on
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鑫向莹I arrived at Changxing Island at noon on August 6, 2019. The day before, our family of three went to Bayuquan. The next day we drove our children aimlessly to Changxing Island. To be honest, the sea and the beach are better than Bayuquan. Many, the baby has dug into the sea intestines with a small shovel, and he was very excited to play. When we went there, there were not many people. The coastline was quite long. The beach was some distance away from the sea. All of them went into the sea. It’s very comfortable. After more than three hours at night, I drove home on the beach with a splash of water. I stayed for a short time. Friends who like the beach to be quieter, friends who play well can consider playing in the past. The water is relatively clean. The beach is exquisite, and the fun of digging seafood is endless. I plan to take my children and go there again this year, and plan to stay a few more days this year for fun.
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Hot Springs Resort
秋桑Hot spring is good, although a little far from the city, but the road is better. During the New Year, there are not many people, it should be less than the few families in the city. The disadvantage is that outdoor hot spring pool opened too little, a total of 3, people went down and up, like the next dumplings, want to two people soak in a pool alone can not be realized.
71 Reviews
City Park
平聚My hometown, Wafangdian, is a seaside town. Dongshan Park has accompanied me from childhood to middle age. She has become more and more beautiful after decades of ups and downs. There are a few boats docked by the green lake, children The children laughing on the trampoline in the paradise heard bursts of joy and laughter. Under the setting sun, a group of groups were walking fast on the winding road...
40 Reviews
Historical Architecture
SaweizhenHengshan College, the millennium temple, we came here, but very very regret, due to the epidemic, Yongfeng Temple in the temple Hengshan College, temporarily closed, but can see the style through the peripheral buildings.
44 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
crapThe scenery is good, the tears ask the flowers do not speak, the chaos red fly over the swing to learn there is no shortcut, learned for a long time, there is their own road every alarm clock, there is a lazy bug who does not want to get up only the primary track, there is no high-grade and intermediate track, the cable car is also parked, you can see the sea view, Can also play for a day

Popular Hotels in Wafangdian

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Xiping MountainDalian,China

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Guanhai TempleDalian,China

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Dalian Xianyuwan Seashore Tourism AreaDalian,China

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Hongxinshui'an Hot SpringDalian,China

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Luotuo Mountain Forest ParkDalian,China

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65589 Army Military History MuseumDalian,China

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Wafangdian Travel Tips

About Wafangdian

Wafangdian is located in the southwest of the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province. It is an important economic center on the route between the two major cities of Dalian and Shenyang. The city has a rich history and unique local culture. Popular attractions include Yongfeng Pagoda, Xianyu Bay and Yongquan Temple, as well as Changxing Island Beach Resort and Longmen Tourist Resort.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Wafangdian
Oct 28, 2021 Wafangdian Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 58%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:15/16:56
Wafangdian Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Wafangdian, including: Sweet Land Tourist Resort,General Stone Hot Spring,Changxing Island
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