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_We***41Uma das 5 Montanhas Sagradas Taoistas da China! A grande montanha ocidental: Huashan! 🇨🇳⛰One of the Five Great Mountains of Taoism in China! The great west mountain: Huashan 🇨🇳⛰What an amazing experience! What an energy, what an air! #Huashan #MontanhaHuashan #HuashanMountain #华山 #MontanhaSagrada #GreatMountain
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Cable Car
少公子慧目The Huashan Cableway is not much to say. I am also following the online guide. The West Peak Cableway is more expensive and more expensive than the North Peak Cableway, but it is more fun to go up and down the West Peak Cableway and then go all the way up. Finally, you go in from the cave and go down the section. It's still a good reminder to climb the scenery later. If it is the cableway ticket that Trip.com bought, you must change the paper ticket on the machine below the mountain before you go up the mountain. Otherwise, it can't be changed on the mountain. I can't change it when I go north. I can only return it and find them to cooperate. WeChat bought it (Trip.com is two yuan cheap)
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加油干饭呀In the high mountains, the sea in the heart, long in the cage, return to nature. Everyone has a mountain and sea in their heart. It is time to free yourself and put down the time constraints. Enjoy a casual trip that says go away 🧳 Long summer vacation can not be lived. It is suitable to go camping. Up high mountains, see Yunjuan Yunshu ☁️ erect a tent. Wangxing Riverside ✨About three or five friends gather together in the same starry sky, cast aside the urban troubles, completely return to nature ⛺️June 26th and August 31st Qinling Mountain, Star-chasing Tour, Shaohua Mountain Fifth Alpine Star Camping Festival and the Second Naliang Water-loving Festival, Two major themes detonate the summer revel 🎉 water 🔫 battle, stone painting, mountain forest secret, parent-child activity, open-air film, romantic starry sky... completely satisfy your heart of mountain play 💓 the beautiful Shaohuashan National Forest Park, is the nearest natural oxygen bar from Xi'an. Yueya Lake, Qianlong Temple scenic area, Shimenxia scenic Longshou Pavilion, strange mountain natural landscape, called the Jiuzhaigou of Shaanxi. Shaohuashan Crescent Lake Water-Friendly Area, the fairy of the mountains and clear waters, seeking the colorful kingdom of the innocence world, stone painted DIY to play the creative Tianmaxing sky 🎨 This summer, the Shaohuashan, looking for the nearest place to the sky, the night sky stars shining, the milky way pours thousands of miles, Far from the city's hustle and glaring lights, complete a star-following trip at the top of Qinling Mountain 🌠Sleeping with the starry sky 🌌Waking up at sunrise 🌄Contract a whole mountain top, camp yourself, poetry and the distance are at your feet, why go far, come to Shaohua Mountain, feel the green Hawaii in the mountains 🏞
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Ancient Villages
姜如意The village was built in Yuan Dynasty, 700 years ago, has been selected as a famous village of Chinese history and culture, the ancient architecture group of the Dangjia Village has been the national key cultural relic protection, is a simple natural not over-commercial representative of ancient residential buildings.
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Glass Skywalk
老吴华哥The long sky plank road is located on the mountainside on the east side of the south peak of Huashan Mountain. It is built with wooden rafters inlaid on the Wanren cliff. The plank road is surrounded by precipices, with iron cables hanging horizontally. The pavement is made up of slabs of stones and fixed by stone pillars. Visitors need to face the walls and hold their breath to move. It is known as "the first day of danger in Huashan".
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E11***35Great to be here with Splendid view all around. Suggest to take cable car up to the north, stay one night at the west, then strolling down to the mountain foot. Don't worry about this as hot food is available along the track with average quality. Of course, you should pay more in those mountains.

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Dangjia VillageWeinan,China

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Sima Qian Ancestral HallWeinan,China

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Balidao Hot Spring Assembly HallWeinan,China

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Cangjie Muyu Cangjie TempleWeinan,China

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Xi Zhongxun CemeteryWeinan,China

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Pucheng MuseumWeinan,China

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Weinan Travel Tips

About Weinan

Weinan is situated in the east of the Weihe Plain in Shaanxi province. Its history dates back to the Qin and Han dynasties, and the area is regarded as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Many famous Chinese historical figures were born here, including the great historian Sima Qian, the legendary inventor of Chinese characters Cang Jie, and the inventor of a type of liquor, Du Kang.

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Sep 17, 2021
Light Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Weinan
Sep 17, 2021 Weinan Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:26/18:47
Weinan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Weinan, including: Mount Hua,Huashan West Trail Road,Shaohua Mountain Forest Park
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