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Things To Do in Wengniuteqi

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不丢的vvLiving in the container hotel in the scenic spot is very convenient. You can get up in the morning to take a 4-kilometer walk in the desert. You can take a step back and take a step. It is recommended to eat something again. The elderly and children are careful and very exhausting. Other sand projects are quite fun, riding a camel, playing sands, sand socks to see the personal needs, I rented but not useful, I have to take a little trouble, anyway, the shoes were thrown directly, the clothes can shake out the sand, but it is still very hi
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滇国剑客In the Wengniute Banner Geopark, what you see is not the gardens and landscape buildings with flowers and plants, but the exposed geological layers of the geopark, which clearly highlights the scenery in front of the tourists with a kind of hard texture.
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139***60Bronk is a large desert tourist area. Those who like desolate scenery can come here. There are a few things to pay attention to when you come to Bronk: First, do a good job of sun protection and wear a hat with a big brim. Second, you have to tuck your pants in your socks, otherwise the sand will get in. Third, bring more water, the whole process is still very hard.
Nearby City
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Historical Architecture
ultrasFirst of all, no tickets are required. The Buddhist holy land, Chifeng’s most intangible cultural heritage, can calm down your heart and let yourself slowly slow down and think about life. It is really a good choice!
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失败者的信念A place worth visiting, where jade pigs and dragons were once displayed, the culture of China has increased by 3,000 years.
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BFHYDThe environment is good, very comfortable, and very close to the desert, which is very convenient! The price is quite cheap too!